A group of Republican Senators joined Sen. Marco Rubio to introduce the CRACK Act, which seeks to block government funding for pipes and other narcotic smoking devices.

“It is pure insanity to think the federal government would fund crack pipe distribution,” Rubio said in a press release. “This legislation will make certain the program can never pay for crack pipes, and given the Biden Administration’s position I look forward to their vigorous support.”

As previously reported by Human Events News, the Biden Administration is funding crack pipes through the Department of Health and Human Services, claiming it’s needed for racial equity.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration is providing nearly $30 million for a grant program that will include funding for the purchase and distribution of crack pipes to drug addicts in underserved communities to advance racial equity.

The money will be allocated over the next three years for the Harm Reduction Program Grant, designed to “support community-based overdose prevention programs, syringe service programs, and other harm reduction services.”

Among “required activities” listed in the program description, the funds will be used to “purchase equipment and supplies to enhance harm reduction efforts,” including:

* Safe sex kits, including PrEP sources and condoms
* Safe smoking kits/supplies
* Syringes to prevent and control the spread of infectious diseases

An HHS spokesman told the Washington Free Beacon that the smoking kits “will provide pipes for users to smoke crack cocaine, crystal methamphetamine, and ‘any illicit substance.’”

The CRACK Act would amend the American Rescue Plan to prohibit taxpayer dollars from being “used to procure, supply, or distribute pipes, cylindrical objects, or other paraphernalia that can be used to smoke, inhale, or ingest narcotics,” Just the News reports.

“The Biden administration wants to spend millions of dollars helping drug users smoke crack and meth, but there is no safe way to smoke these dangerous drugs. Sooner or later, these drugs kill people,” Sen. John Kennedy, a co-sponsor of the bill, said.

“Why wouldn’t the president spend this money to help people get off crack and meth or to stop these drugs from crossing the border into our country in the first place?” he continued.

Other co-sponsors of the bill include: Sens. Joni Ernst, Tim Scott, Chuck Grassley, Bill Cassidy, Jim Inhofe, Shelley Moore Capito, Mike Braun, Rick Scott, Steve Daines, Thom Tillis, John Kennedy, John Boozman, Tom Cotton, John Thune, and John Barrasso.

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