A few weeks ago, Julie Kelly tweeted that FBI director Christopher Wray has scheduled a “bureau-wide call with all 36,000+ FBI employees” this month. This is without recent precedent and if true, I hope it’s to announce his resignation. He should, of course, because the agency he heads has been engaged in more lawbreaking and unconstitutional conduct than I can easily document in the space allotted me here. I can imagine the blather he’d spout along the lines of resigning to avoid a witch-hunt which would damage the reputation of the agency. If such a meeting does take place and he does resign, it will be only to minimize the damage to himself from his incompetent management of an agency which under his watch has grown out of control, operated as a partisan secret police of the Democratic party, and rightly earned the distrust of citizens.

The FBI agent in charge of the D.C. office silently resigned just this week. His conduct is illustrative of the Stasi-like operations the FBI under Wray has been engaged in.

[Steve] D’Antuono was the FBI agent in charge of the investigations into both the Gov. Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot and the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. He came under fire when two of the defendants in the Whitmer case were acquitted. At the time, there were allegations that the FBI had effectively entrapped them into taking part in the plot.

His resignation was preceded a few months earlier by the resignation of another high-level FBI agent, Timothy Thibault, for his role in keeping hidden from the public the Biden family graft and corruption documented and preserved in the Hunter Biden laptop.

Both resignations occurred in anticipation of expected congressional investigations into the operations of an agency that has without question come off the rails.

These resignations are not unique. It has been reported that after an internal review 665 FBI personnel “have resigned or retired to avoid accountability in misconduct probes over the past two decades.”

Whatever the nature of the misconduct involved in those cases, the recent partisan meddling of the agency seems beyond precedent, and more evidence of this is coming as Elon Musk (working with Bari Weiss and Matt Taibbi) sorts through the files of Twitter.

Other bloggers like Andy Ngo are digging in, too.

the head of Twitter’s censorship scheme to shadowban conservative accounts and posts across the platform previously worked as an operative for the FBI and CIA.

According to a now-unavailable LinkedIn profile discovered by journalist Andy Ngo, Jeff Carlton, whose prior work included serving as a federal intelligence officer, became the leading member of Twitter’s Strategic Response Team (SRT) last month. As revealed in a batch of “Twitter Files” released by reporter Bari Weiss on Thursday, SRT is one of the main groups at Twitter tasked with shadowbanning conservative accounts and tweets on the platform.

It is already clear from what they have found and reported on that federal agencies, including the FBI and CDC, dictated to willing partisans inside Twitter orders to limit posts and posters who deviated from the Democratic party line and hid things like the Hunter laptop to promote Biden’s candidacy in 2020. While colluding with Federal offices to limit free speech, Twitter officials lied to Congress about its censorship program and turned a blind eye to child sex trafficking, left-wing calls to violence, and anti-Semitism.

There will certainly be more to come now that Musk has fired James Baker, former disgraced FBI general counsel (criminally investigated but never charged for malfeasance in that position) who as Twitter’s deputy general counsel worked inside Twitter’s headquarters to hide evidence of wrongdoing from his new boss.

As this continues, we have a striking new development regarding the Arizona election.

Kari Lake just filed a 70-page complaint charging that there were hundreds of thousands of illegal votes counted in the midterm election in Arizona.

The complaint seems well-documented, and, unlike too many post-election complaints, this one makes a credible argument that the fraud was so extensive it provably affected the election results which must, therefore, be overturned.

Among the key points Lake makes are these:

“59% of Maricopa County precincts had broken tabulators or printers on election day disenfranchising voters, and tens of thousands of illegal mail-in ballots were counted that did not pass signature verification requirements.”

“The number of illegal votes cast in Arizona’s general election on November 8, 2022, far exceeds the 17,117 vote margin between Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and Democrat gubernatorial candidate Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, certified at the official state canvass on December 5, 2022.”

In support of her claim, Lake has detailed witness affidavits from various tabulation and vote centers and whistleblowers from Dominion and Runback Election Services.

A Rasmussen poll indicates that 72% of voters agreed with Lake’s claim that her election was “botched.” Cynics — maybe realists is a better categorization — keep arguing that we can’t vote ourselves out of the present governance mess. This would be a tragic failure if true. If people think we cannot determine our fate through elections, they will stop bothering to vote and such widespread disaffection would not bode well for a continuation of the American experiment in representative government. It looks as if Lake and her team have presented the strongest possible evidence in support of her contention and the judiciary will do a great disservice to all of us if it fails to give serious and credible resolution of her claims.

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