It is inarguable that America and the world are in the midst of the biggest cataclysm since World War II, vastly eclipsing 9-11 and its aftermath. Unfortunately, unlike the days immediately following Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor and the advance of Hitler’s Reich across Europe, the battle lines of this upheaval are not altogether clear. Worst of all, much of the current ambiguity is that way by design.

Like every prominent crisis of recent years, the two major schools of thought regarding the Wuhan flu align very consistently with the two major political camps. Those who believe the planet is burning up, that freedom and capitalism are inherently unfair, and that socialism leads to utopian bliss, just happen to be the same ones who are screaming the loudest for the most extreme and draconian measures to control the people, and ostensibly, the spread of the virus. The other camp, which has historically invested in the virtues of individual liberty and personal accountability, seeks a less panicked and more restrained approach to dealing with the potential sickness and loss of life, hoping that one crisis can be averted without causing another through needless panic.

The glee and enthusiasm of leftist Democrats, as they glibly proclaim the end of humanity and brazenly blame Donald Trump for it, stands as sufficient reason to discount their assertions. They have been warning of doomsday for years, with nothing to show for it except meticulously doctored climate statistics and vast graveyards of exorbitantly expensive windmills that were wasteful to build and did nothing to “save the planet.” Yet now they tell us we must implicitly trust them, and follow them down the slippery slope to collectivism and despotic government, else we all die of viral pneumonia in the upcoming days and weeks.

So many of their hysterical proclamations and venomous accusations just aren’t adding up and don’t stand the test of time, even during the brief span of this severely foreshortened scenario. Nor is there any intellectual consistency to them. President Trump is now “guilty” of not taking decisive action, though his decision to limit travel from China early on was roundly condemned by the left. Efforts to be optimistic, in order to minimize panic are deemed unconscionable “lies,” as if heightened fear and disorder will benefit anyone other than themselves and their power grab.

Whenever actual numbers are cited (as opposed to alarmist projections), the math just doesn’t support their claims. Yet the emotional impact of those claims is expected to overrule any objective assessment of them. A major hospital in New York City is alleged to be overwhelmed by those who have succumbed to the virus. Yet when an actual number is cited, it is thirteen.

Meanwhile, other bizarre and wholly inexplicable actions of prominent Democrats raise eyebrows. But their actions are only “inexplicable” if one assumes they actually want to fix things. Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s deliberate stonewalling of the massive stimulus/relief bill was the most egregious example, though hardly the only one. Pelosi was perfectly willing to stall passage of the bill, in hopes of denying President Trump a clear victory, while larding up the bill with massive pork and other unconstitutional special interest perks for her minions. Pelosi’s first priority is obviously to the leftist agenda and not to the American people.

Then there has been the insanely ridiculous ruckus over what to call the virus. Leftists were perfectly willing to put the well-being of Americans on a back burner, while shamelessly engaging in juvenile grandstanding, as they condemned any mention of China or the Wuhan province where it originated.

Most bizarre and truly disturbing of all however, has been the contrived hullabaloo over usage of the anti-Malaria drug Hydroxycloroquine. Shortly after the Wuhan Flu panic began, it was learned that doctors employing Hydroxycloroquine to treat victims were having stunning success, with many claiming 100% recoveries! Still, the leftist media was reticent to report such good news. Yet, according to this article, the moment an Arizona couple suffered severely from ingesting a fish tank additive (the husband later died), believing it to be similar to the anti-Malaria medication, this was reported coast to coast.

Worse things followed. Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak quickly banned the use of Hydroxycloroquine in his state, and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer threatened criminal charges for any doctor prescribing or using it! The most negative thing that can be quantifiably said about the drug is that its effectiveness has not been established by the bureaucrats at the FDA. Unlike the fish tank additive, it does not pose any health risk when used in a normal manner. If Hydroxycloroquine works as doctors on the front lines have clamed, this “pandemic” could be totally reversed overnight.

So why would these governors, both Democrats (not surprisingly) be so heavy handed and despotic in their efforts to suppress a medication that does no harm, and can potentially do so much good? The hideously ugly prospect is that leftist Democrat politicians, and their media minions, do not want a return to normalcy in America. They have invested months and, in some cases years, into destroying President Trump. And all of their efforts have failed. The prospect of horrendous suffering, deaths of Americans on a massive scale, and a shattered economy, is just fine with them if it might mean that Donald Trump takes a hit from all of it.

Clearly, President Trump has been forced to fight this war on two fronts. As he makes every sincere and reasoned effort to protect Americans from the rampant spread of the Wuhan Flu, he must also continue to battle the malignant efforts of leftist Democrats and their media lackeys. They are just too eager to thwart any effective response to the virus, while they fan the flames of chaos and fear, as Obama did relentlessly at every opportunity, throughout his eight years in the White House.

Their willingness to subordinate the fate of the American people to their vile political aspirations needs to be recognized at every turn. When the Wuhan virus panic subsides, the actions of all those who sought to capitalize on it at the expense of their fellow countrymen must be recalled. And they must be held to account.

Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for years. His recently released book “Rules for Defeating Radicals,” subtitled Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture, is the “Go To” guide to effectively overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.


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