As former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton reemerges onto the political scene after suffering a humbling November loss to President Donald Trump and blaming her defeat on everything from misogyny to Russian hacking, Judge Jeanine Pirro gave her anything but a warm welcome back to the political spotlight by telling her to own up to her failures and return into hiding.

During her opening statement as seen on Fox’s Insider, Pirro accused Clinton of playing the “poor me” card by making up even more excuses as to why she lost last fall’s election.

Just give it up

The statement was triggered by the latest contention Clinton made about losing the presidential election, when she told an audience that if it wasn’t for FBI Director Jim Comey’s October letter to Congress reopening the investigation into her email scandal, she would have been president today.

Pirro had little tolerance for Clinton’s resurrected blame game.

“We’ve had it with you Clintons claiming victimhood,” Pirro challenged in her diatribe on Fox aimed at Clinton.

Pirro went on to suggest that Clinton should put an end to blaming “boogey-men” – such as Comey, Russian President Vladimir Putin and others – especially since she already took responsibility for losing to Trump.

Not holding back, the legal expert critiqued Clinton’s failed campaign strategy.

“You are a two-time loser who lost because you were a lousy candidate,” Pirro maintained on Fox’s Justice. “You didn’t have a message, you lied every time you opened your mouth and you didn’t know what states to campaign in [and] you put our national security at risk.”

She went on to suggest that Clinton put an end to her career in politics and noted that Clinton was extremely “lucky” that Comey recommended against prosecuting the former secretary of state for her email scandal.

“You are a loser, Hillary,” Pirro concluded. “Face it, and get back in the woods.”

Taking it to the streets

To show her audience that she is not the only one who believes Clinton should take an eternal rest from politics, Pirro took to the streets of New York City and asked New Yorkers whether they thought the former first lady should “stay in the woods” and not reemerge on the pollical scene.

She asked everyday people what they thought about Clinton starting up a new political group called “Onward Together,” inquiring whether they wanted the career Democrat to return to public life as part of the “resistance” in an effort to help Democrats – or if they would rather she “stay in the woods” and remain out of politics.

“New Yorkers do not appear to like the thought of Hillary Clinton making a return to politics after losing in 2016,” the Free Beacon reported regarding the results of Pirro’s verbal survey.

Despite the fact that New York City was the official site of Clinton’s presidential campaign headquarters in 2016 – in the state where she formerly served as a senator – most residents in the Big Apple appeared to have already had enough of Clinton’s political posturing.

“An overwhelming majority of the bystanders Pirro surveyed said Clinton should ‘stay in the woods,’” the Free Beacon’s Jack Heretik noted.

One responder advised Clinton to get as far away from the public eye as possible – and stay there.

“She should go into the woods – even further to the desert … I don’t know,” a New York man suggested in response to Pirro’s street survey. “I don’t want to hear about her anymore.”

Enough is enough

Agreeing with the conclusion made by the Fox News commentator after summing up her responses on the streets of New York, one conservative author says he would also like to see Clinton stop trying to “worm her way back into the political spotlight” again. A quick summary of the New Yorkers’ thoughts on the matter was given.

“Clinton is a failure, and she needs to quit pretending that she is the head of the Democratic Party,” John Falkenberg asserted on

He insists that no matter how hard she tries, Clinton is just not cut out to lead the Democratic Party.

“The Democrats are looking for a leader … former President Barack Obama is out,” Falkenberg noted. “Clinton was supposed to oversee a smooth transition of power to ensure the continuation of the progressive agenda, but guess what? That didn’t work either.”

It was then maintained that even though Democrats do not have many – if any – good options, Clinton is just not capable to winning at the ballot box.

“Their best bets are Tom Perez – the absolutely unhinged Democrat National Committee chairman – and Hillary Clinton, who is just … bad at elections.”


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