Michigan’s child welfare agency is pushing for the termination of at least two Muslim families’ parental rights in the midst of an investigation of female genital mutilation conducted by doctors in the Detroit metro area.

This breaking development in the ongoing probe comes just days after the Federal Bureau of Investigation provided testimony about bringing the Muslim doctors into custody.

“Testifying in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday, FBI Director James Comey highlighted a series of cases being investigated and referred for prosecution by agents across the country,” Townhall reported. “One of the cases he mentioned involves the arrest of two Detroit area doctors in recent weeks who are accused of performing genital mutilation on girls as young as six-years-old.”

Ignoring U.S. law

Comey indicated that the destructive procedure done as an Islamic practice, has been going on illegally for more than two decades – as the Muslims knowingly acted outside of U.S. law.

“This past week for the first time since Congress passed the statute making it a crime in the United States to engage in female genital mutilation – to mutilate little girls – it’s been a felony in the United States since 1996 … we made the first case last week against doctors in Michigan for doing this terrifying thing to young girls,” Comey divulged, according to Townhall. “All across the country with our partners in the Department of Homeland Security, we brought a case against two doctors for doing this to children. This is among the most important work we do – protecting kids – and it was done by great work that you don’t hear a whole lot about all across the country by the FBI.”

According to the criminal complaint, numerous young females were victimized by Islamic physicians.

“This investigation has identified other children who may have been cut by Nagarwala at Attar’s clinic, MBC, between 2005 and 2017, including children in Michigan,” the prosecution’s document reads. “On April 10, 2017, child forensic interviews employed by the FBI and HSI interviewed several minor girls in Michigan. In these interviews, multiple minor girls informed forensic interviewers that procedures had been performed on their genitals by Nagarwala. One minor girl said that Farida was present during the procedure performed by Nagarwala.”

It is reported that many parents drove their children from Minnesota across state lines into Michigan, where a number of charges are now being made, with one Michigan attorney indicating that this probe is still in its early stages.

“Margaret Raben (RAY’-bin) said Saturday that the parents have been told to report to Oakland County court in a few days,” The Associated Press (AP) reported. “She hasn’t seen any formal documents. The children haven’t been removed from their homes.”

Being charged with genital mutilation and pleading not guilty, three members of the families belonging to the Dawoodi Bohra Muslim sect are being targeted by prosecutors.

“Genital mutilation – also known as female circumcision – is outlawed in the United States,” AP informed. “But the practice is common in parts of Asia, Africa and the Middle East.”

Mounting evidence

Late last month, a local paper revealed that a second doctor and his wife belonging to the Muslim sect had been arrested by federal agents.

“Dr. Fakhruddin Attar is accused of letting Dr. Jumana Nagarwala perform mutilations at his Burhani Medical Clinic on Farmington Road,” the Detroit News reported. “His wife, office manager Farida Attar, also was arrested and is accused of helping Nagarwala perform the mutilations, according to a 14-page complaint unsealed Friday in federal court.”

The constantly unfolding developments stemmed from disturbing discoveries that young girls were victimized this year by an illegal procedure that many of the Muslim sect members believe is perfectly fine.

“The complaint solves a mystery stemming from the case by pinpointing where Nagarwala allegedly mutilated two 7-year-old girls from Minnesota earlier this year,” the Detroit daily revealed. “The complaint also describes a conspiracy involving at least Nagarwala, Attar and his wife – all three are members of the Dawoodi Bohra religious community based locally out of a Farmington Hills mosque.”

The alleged suspects are reportedly adherents of fundamental Islamic practices, and their appearances indicate that they set themselves apart from American culture and live their own unassimilated lives in the community.

“Attar, 52, and his 50-year-old wife were arraigned in federal court … and ordered jailed until a detention hearing [days later],” Detroit News’ Robert Snell divulged. “Both were dressed in the distinctive attire of Dawoodi Bohra members – he wore a white cap with gold trim, while his wife wore a long teal dress and head covering with pink fringe.”

Their defense attorney, Mary Cartier, argues that her clients did nothing wrong and had been a harsh critic of the criminal proceedings.

“Dr. Attar is not aware of any crimes committed at his clinic,” Chartier told the press. “This is frightening for them and terrifying. [Arresting my clients on Friday – it’s classic gamesmanship by the government, knowing they would spend the weekend in custody. I’m not surprised the government would pull that stunt.”

U.S. Attorney’s Office Spokeswoman Gina Balaya indicated that the timing was in order to make sure U.S. Magistrate Judge David Grand would be able to determine whether the couple could be released on bond.

The local Farmington Hills mosque released a statement after the arrests, with its leaders stressing that its members are not encouraged to have the illegal Muslim procedures performed.

“Any violation of U.S. law is counter to instructions to our community members,” the mosque leaders stated. “It does not reflect the everyday lives of the Dawoodi Bohras in America. It is an important rule of the Dawoodi Bohras that we respect the laws of the land, wherever we live. This is precisely what we have done for several generations in America. We remind our members regularly of their obligations.”

Yet the Muslim sect members being prosecuted evidently believe that performing the illegal practice in the U.S. should not be punishable by law.


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