Yes, that’s right. The headline says it all. HLIC (Head Liberal in Charge) Nancy Pelosi said in an interview that Washington does NOT have a spending problem. In each of the past four years, the budget was over $1 trillion out of balance, and $6 trillion has been added during Barack Obama’s tenure. But there’s not a spending problem???

Here’s Pelosi’s interview with Fox News:

In just her first couple of sentences, she takes you into the mind of a liberal. She talks about growth, but doesn’t once mention the private sector. Education and the National Institutes of Health? That’s the key to the budget?

In addition, she talks about $1.6 trillion in “cuts” and does it with a straight face. There are NO cuts by either the Republicans or the Democrats. Every year there is more spending than the year before — every single year!

Chris Wallace asks a basic question of Pelosi. With spending of $3.5 trillion per year, all that is needed to avoid the “sequestration” cuts mandated by law is to cut $85 billion. That’s cutting 2.4% of the spending. That’s all that’s needed!

Pelosi then says that what this is all about is “setting priorities.” She actually said, “This is what a budget is all about.” Hello! The last budget passed was in 2009. Republicans have proposed several. Democrats shot them down. In contrast, Democrats have proposed no budgets. Washington is operating and has been operating with no budget for years!

So there you have it. There’s no spending problem according to Pelosi. Do you think she really believes this stuff?

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