Nancy Pelosi likely believed she was knocking those villainous Republicans this week but she could have created more Donald Trump voters.

In an interview with PBS, Pelosi singled out white Republican males voters who are non-college educated. Those voters, she said, are voting against their own “economic interest” because of guns, gays, and God.


She called that the “three G’s” and said the reference to God refers to their views on abortion.

Pelosi, a mother of five who claims to be Catholic, is staunchly pro-abortion.

“The Bible she’s reading from is written by the Grim Reaper,” complains Tom McCluskey, a spokesman for the March for Life organization.

For the Democratic leader to state that her religion is abortion, he says, is a “pretty horrific” statement coming from a leader of the Democratic Party.

Regarding the accusation about white males, veteran pollster George Barna tells OneNewsNow that Pelosi is right – at least to a point. The polls show white males do support Trump, he says, but so do women.

“Among women,” Barna says, “they’re within the margin of sampling error. Mrs. Clinton has a 47-to-43 percent margin right now.”

What the polls show, he further explains, is that Trump supporters represent a “mixed bag” of voters.

“It’s a blended group of Americans,” Barna observes.

Pelosi’s comments echo President Obama”s “bitter clingers” remark in 2008, when he was recorded at a West Coast fundraiser describing rural American’s support for the GOP. Those people vote for Republicans, he said, because they “get bitter and they cling to guns, or religion.”

Where Pelosi is right is that those who believe in the Second Amendment and are socially conservative overwhelmingly support Donald Trump.

“The base that is supporting Mr. Trump, currently at least, is a much more diverse base than the Democrats have been characterizing it to be,” Barna says.

According to McCluskey, the pro-life activist, while Pelosi may “bow to the altar of abortion,” there are many others, including young people, who understand that abortion is wrong.


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