It is necessary to begin by giving a little historic reality, since leftist propagandists have been so successful at clouding the truth in order to best advance their deceptions. Nazis were never on the opposite end of the political spectrum from Communists. Throughout leftist academia and media, and even among too many conservative voices, we hear the misbegotten notion that leftist extremism leads to Communism, but right wing extremism leads to Nazism. The contradictory evidence is overwhelming.

The term “Nazi” is short for nationalist socialist, and signified a despotic mindset that embraced every evil form of brutality for the purpose of amassing uncontested power to the state, in exactly the same sense as did the Marxists. And from their murderous cruelty to their supplanting of traditional mores with an abominable ideology of mindlessly worshiping government, both groups resorted to the same atrocious methods of accomplishing their goal.

Both the Nazis and the Communists violently attacked the institutions of the culture, tearing down statues and obliterating societal norms as supposed instruments of oppression. Both groups obsessively worked to disarm the private citizen, in order to neutralize any opposition to their monstrous agenda. And both groups instigated rampant chaos and unrest, instilling fear in the masses, by which they could more easily be manipulated and coerced into blind submission to the visionary “New Order.” Not surprisingly, that new order was all about the same old human obsession of tyrannical control over helpless commoners.

Nor were the Nazis any different from the Marxists on account of their assertions of “nationalism.” It was just one more means of demanding absolute devotion, no different than the focus on the inherent supremacy of “Mother Russia” in the Soviet Union. Modern day spotlighting of the term by the American left, to delineate between the Nazis and the Communists, is purely situational. It is noteworthy that leftists never mention the nationalism of Communist China, despite its obvious intention to expand influence on a regional and global scale, bringing every possible jurisdiction into its authoritarian grasp. Yet with glaring hypocrisy, America is accused of Nazi-like “nationalism” for merely seeking to maintain secure borders and its former noble identity of “Liberty and Justice for All,” as “One Nation Under God.”

The real political spectrum puts such worthy ideals on one end, and the nightmare of repression, brutality, hardship, and squalor on the other. And that leads to the discussion of the America of the Founders, in stark contrast to the hideously ugly post-Covid world into which the left is relentlessly dragging us.

Amid the onslaught of crisis situations, whatever the latest may be, it is necessary to continually refocus on the “big picture,” in order to recognize the real pattern of behavior from the Deep-State and its Fake News minions. Otherwise, we are at risk of buying into just enough of the accompanying propaganda to start accepting the delusional leftist worldview, initially on a piecemeal basis, then eventually in totality. That’s how brainwashing succeeds on a national scale.

Consider the whole mask/vax lunacy and, more specifically, how easy it was to scare so many Americans into compliance. Of course nobody wanted to catch the dread disease. But for the masses to be so ready to accept the edicts from the ruling class, even while its key players (Think: Fauci, Newsom, Pelosi, Whitmer, and virtually every prominent leftist Democrat), totally ignored their own demands that the rest of us wear their muzzles and isolate ourselves, reflects moral cowardice and a dangerous lack of judgment. And it was those failings on which the left counted for its success.

Worse yet were the so-called “Karens” (both female and male), whose detestable busybody predispositions made them valuable minions of the left. These lackeys eagerly confronted fellow citizens who refused to submit to the Covid order, harassing them for not “properly” masking up, and reporting their infractions to the nearest available authority. In truth, such individuals were far more akin to the real Nazis and moles of the Reich who betrayed their Jewish neighbors in that vaunted “spirit of compliance.” Not surprisingly, they are also the most vocal in demanding that everybody submit to the vax, not for any reason of supposed public health or safety, but to ensure that every citizen submits to the total supremacy of the state, over and above the integrity and sanctity of one’s own body.

Those who dared take to the airways saw throughout the experience a disturbing dichotomy between airport workers and flight attendants who still endeavored to professionally serve the customer, as opposed to those who relished the opportunity to wield their newly acquired power. Abuses of passengers for “infractions” have been arbitrary and vindictive. Every incidence of which should result in massive lawsuits against the industry.

The prevalence of such willing parasites in our midst is truly disturbing. Their presence among us, in every venue from retailers to restaurants to schools to Churches, proved once again how easy it can be for an aspiring dictator to amass dutiful lackeys by which to infiltrate every area of society. Having witnessed the total abandonment of decency among such people, and seeing their attacks and meddling elevated to the highest of “virtues” in the new order, there can be little doubt that if the current situation continues to degenerate, and things eventually revert to the rail-cars and camps, the supply of depraved sellouts willing to do the “legwork” to make it happen is more than abundant.

Americans were never inherently superior to the rest of humanity by virtue of ethnicity. It was not the physical makeup of Americans, but rather the moral and spiritual principles that prevailed among them, which elevated their aspirations from meager existence and a survival of the fittest to the lofty premises of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” and a belief that “All men are created equal.” The eradication of those time-honored principles by the left, over the past several decades, was the precursor to the abhorrent situation which inevitably ensued. Yes, it was all part of the same strategy.

Now America finds itself at the cusps of total societal implosion and ultimate collapse. This future is all but inevitable, unless Americans awaken to the actual forces that have brought us to this place, and determine to oppose them with a resolve that exceeds their determination to destroy us. This is still winnable if Americans put their future, and that of their children and all future generations, above the desire to find some congenial resolution, which simply does not exist. Like it or not, those are the stakes of this conflict.

Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for years. His recently released book Rules for Defeating Radicals, subtitled Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture, is the “Go To” guide for effectively overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

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