A traditional family values group is hopeful that a Pennsylvania bill granting special privileges to homosexuals and “transgender” people will be challenged in court if it becomes law.

The controversial progressive bill requires a business or organization with four or more employees to hire workers – even if their lifestyle and beliefs about human sexuality are contrary to their employer’s views.

Diane Gramley of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania explains that one section of the bill exempts religious employers yet another section makes the bill apply to them.

“Large churches that maybe have a gym or something like that, and have shower facilities, they also would be forced to allow men in the women’s shower room or women in the men’s shower room if they think they’re the opposite sex,” Gramley told OneNewsNow.

She stressed that this would also apply to church daycare centers and other religion-based groups.

“It solely turns the whole idea of sexuality on its head,” Gramley argues. “And it’s just tragic that we as a country have come to this, but I just can’t help think of how William Penn – the founder of Pennsylvania – would think about what’s going on in his dense woods.”

If the bill becomes law – one that is supported by Governor Tom Wolf – Gramley is hopeful that it will end up in court. It was noted that there are constitutional provisions – state andfederal – that protect religious freedom.


Copyright American Family News. Reprinted with permission.

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