May 13 is Mother’s Day. Yet now the special, non-partisan day for moms, which Americans have been celebrating since 1907, appears under attack by corporate America. In recent weeks, some woke companies have sent out emails and text messages offering that, if people “opt-out,” they will NOT send Mother’s Day messages.

This made me think about what a future opt-out email message from a woke company could be:

Dear Customer:

We care about you.

We realize Christmas will be very difficult this year because Bidenflation has left so many Americans with an empty wallet. Most won’t be able to afford gifts at Dollar Tree, even using the store’s layaway plan. That’s why, if you would like to opt out of receiving messages related to Christmas, please let us know. We care about you.

Please note that if you do not celebrate Christmas, we apologize for this email message. We certainly do not want to imply that everyone celebrates Christmas. You might celebrate another religious holiday. Or maybe you belong to a satanic cult that worships the devil, and your holiday comes at a different time of the year. Or perhaps you’re an atheist, and you don’t celebrate anything with religious connotations.

Remember, we care about you.

After consulting with our legal team, we must add that it is not our intention to assume that you belong to any religious entity or that you should belong to one, or that, if you do belong, you might not want to belong, or it’s wrong to belong or that we are promoting that you belong to one religion over another because that would certainly be wrong.

As a reminder, we care about you.

If you are still upset that we mentioned Christmas, please call the special number shown below to discuss this with one of our representatives. At the start of the conversation, be sure to let him/her/them know your pronouns so that we can recognize which of the 105 genders you are per Also, please note that we are in no way implying that there are only 105 genders. There could be more.

Always remember, we care about you.

Thank you again for being a customer. We care about you.

On Mother’s Day, I will warmly remember the many special Mother’s Day celebrations I had with my beloved Mom, who passed away in 2017. At home, my fur-baby Golda is sure to give me a box of delicious chew sticks that I will graciously share. However you celebrate Mother’s Day, have a wonderful day embracing another American tradition that we refuse to let wokesters take from us.

Image: Vintage Mother’s Day card.

Robin M. Itzler is a regular contributor to American Thinker. She can be reached at [email protected].

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