No stranger to sharing their feelings, New Yorkers are reportedly livid after a Manhattan public school is asking white parents to rank their level of racist behavior with help from their own children.

According to The New York Post, students at East Side Community High School were sent home with a handy “whiteness” chart to help white people gauge their level of racism, from the preferred “White Abolitionist” to the very worst Klan-like label of an acknowledged “White Supremacist.”

The so-called “8 White Identities” is a color chart created by an African American studies professor, Barnor Hesse.

According to the Post, the school’s principal passed out the “8 White Identifies” chart after a parent shared it with the school, and a school spokesman defended the chart as part of the school’s effort to “advance equity” in the community.

The school staff is enduring “vile” insults and threats over the chart, the spokesman also claimed.

Reacting to the controversy, New York City-based writer Joe F. Connor tells One News Now it is not a school’s job to share a controversial handout.

“The school’s job is to teach reading, writing, arithmetic, and other essential necessities, to succeed in this world,” he says.

East Side is located in the East Village area of Manhattan. The school’s racial makeup is 55 percent Hispanic, 18 percent white, and 15 percent black, the Post reported.


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