After fighting city council members last year, Washington, D.C.’s mayor is the latest Democrat to demand more police officers when shots ring out, but a veteran law enforcement officer says it’s a little late for the nation’s capital.

Mayor Muriel Bowser announced this week she wants 170 more officers on the Metropolitan Police roll call. That request comes after the city council took a hatchet to the police budget last year — over Mayor Bowser’s objections — and now the murder rate has jumped 20% over a two-year span.

All totaled, the Metropolitan Police Budget was cut approximately $10 million last year.

New York City, Oakland, Baltimore and Los Angeles are among the other cities that are refunding the defunding because of out-of-control crime.

Randy Sutton of Law Enforcement News Network says you can’t just put that genie back in the bottle.

“It’s too little too late,” he tells One News Now. “You can’t just throw a little money at the problem and expect that it’s going to be solved.”

First of all, he explains, cities are going to have a hard time finding many candidates – let along qualified ones – to join the force. St, Louis, he says, scheduled a police test for recruits but nobody showed up.

“Not one person applied for the police department,” he says. “That’s a major bellwether.”

When you do find potential future police officers, they must pass the initial tests and background checks, then it’s off to the academy, he points out. Then there is field training with an experienced colleague and a probation period. Then they hit the streets to hopefully gain important experience.

Beyond the years of training and learning the dangerous streets, there is a newer problem many law enforcement officers are learning about: police-hating, criminal-defending district attorneys who are winking at many crimes and letting criminals go unpunished.

“Radical district attorneys like Gascon in Los Angeles, Boudin in San Francisco and Kim Foxx in Chicago,” Sutton warns, “they’re basically letting people go.”


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