espn_pcThere’s something special about sports. The training, the sacrifice, the hard work, and the competition are all elements that few other areas in life can offer. It’s also an escape. After a day filled with crooked politicians, slanted media, and the abandonment of common sense, watching ESPN used to be a refuge. Not any more. Now it has become just another beacon of left-wing rhetoric and politically correct policies.

I’ve seen this coming for a while, and it’s sad to see that the liberal agenda has made its way into sports broadcasting. The creep of liberalism has been seeping into ESPN’s broadcasts for a while, but it really became noticeable to me this year.

When the NCAA men’s basketball tournament was in full swing, news was also being made as several states pushed religious freedom measures in their state legislatures. These bills are designed so that people are not persecuted for their religious beliefs — that they can’t be forced to participate in activities such as homosexual “weddings” if such activities go against their values. I turned on “Pardon the Interruption” (an ESPN talk show with two guys recapping the latest sporting news), and I was blown away that they were talking about religious freedom bills. They were talking in the context of whether the NCAA should boycott activities in Indianapolis if a religious freedom bill were to pass in Indiana.

Both hosts spoke against the religious freedom bill. Both called it discrimination against gays. And NEITHER of them actually addressed what the bill stated. NEITHER of them correctly relayed to the audience what the bill was all about. All they did was push the left-wing talking points.

But it doesn’t end there (not even close). The redesigned ESPN website now contains daily doses of liberal politics. That’s right. The sports website now gives us political news. One of the articles on today’s ESPN site is Donald Trump is running a perpetual attention machine. And, of course, there were countless stories on Bruce Jenner and his life pretending to be a woman. In an obvious liberal ratings ploy, ESPN stooped so low as to present Jenner with its most prestigious sporting award.

Now, former baseball pitcher Curt Schilling is in trouble by ESPN for a tweet (actually a retweet) he made which compares today’s Muslim’s with Germans during the Nazi era.

As reported by Fox News, Schilling has been pulled from the broadcast team of the Little League World Series, because he retweeted a post that read, “Only 5-10% of Muslims are extremists. In 1940, only 7% of Germans were Nazis. How’d that go?”

The network said the tweet was unacceptable and that it “made that point very strongly to Curt.” ESPN said Schilling was removed from the Little League World Series assignment “pending further consideration.”

In today’s society, no one can have an opinion on anything. Unless of course, you come out in support of looting, rioting, cop killing, gay marriage, no school prayer, no ten commandments, no nativity scenes, and you are silent on the outrages perpetuated by ISIS and other extremist Muslim groups.

What Schilling retweeted shouldn’t be taken as derogatory. It should be taken as a warning. Were all those German people bad? Of course not. But they stood by while a radical majority took control. What is being done about ISIS by the surrounding countries? And yet, Curt Schilling is the bad guy?

I don’t want to see ESPN hosts talking about gay marriage. I don’t want them interjecting themselves into policy discussions when all they are doing is pushing talking points. I don’t want to see political articles on a sports website. I just want my sports. Is that too much to ask?

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