If one positive development can be gleaned form the constitutional crisis developing in the “Dossier-FISA-FBI-Secret-Society-Insurance-Plan” scandal from the Obama Justice Department (let’s call it Obama-Gate, ok?) it’s that lame, pathetic and totally unbelievable excuses for circumventing the law are completely and totally acceptable as far as the federal government is concerned.

In fact… this trend goes well beyond the Strzok text messages that have gone missing due to a mysterious “technical glitch.” This bogus yet brilliant practices encompasses nearly every major scandal of the Obama era.

When Lois Lerner of the IRS claimed she’d done nothing wrong and then pleaded the 5th when compelled to testify under oath, the only way to support her claims of innocence was to investigate her internal communications over the agency’s practice of discriminating against conservative groups seeking non-profit status.

Her agency was guilty of this discrimination, that’s not in question. Lerner herself admitted it and apologized for it. But when it came time to verify or… “audit” Lerner’s claims, the back-up data was gone. Deleted. Hard drives crashed. But, trust her, she’s telling the truth.

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When Hillary Clinton was discovered to have used a private, unauthorized, non-secure email system to keep and disseminate top secret national security information in direct violation of the espionage act, we were told there was no intent to circumvent the law. Of course, to verify that claim, the federal investigators would need to examine all of the communications Mrs. Clinton engaged in with her staff and cronies.

Instead of presenting that evidence we were told it was deleted and wiped clean – not with a cloth or something but with an industrial strength bleach bit device. But, trust her, she did nothing wrong. Just take her word for it, after all, when has she ever lied?

Judicial Watch has submitted hundreds of FOIA requests with Justice, State and other agencies during the Obama presidency and they have been met with stonewall after stonewall and claims that the information they requested doesn’t exist. In many cases, FOIA requests have come back with no results because it’s been discovered that the government employee in question (including EPA officials and the Attorney General) had used fake names and pseudonyms in their official government correspondence so as to not get caught up in the nasty web of transparency laws instituted so the American people could hold their government accountable.

Who do those damn American people think they are, anyway?

So how is this a positive development? How does a rogue administration willfully circumventing the law, lying about it and getting away with it help you?

It’s obvious, isn’t it?

Next time you are audited, just use the FBI defense. You don’t need to produce any verification for your claims on your Schedule C, you lost all that information due to a “technical glitch.” But, that’s OK… the government will trust you. I mean, why would you lie? If this excuse is good enough for the FBI, the DOJ, the State Department and the FBI itself, surely it’s good enough for you.

Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.

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