With his signature, the governor of Washington state has officially approved a plan to subject public school staff to Critical Race Theory, which means teachers and principals who are white will be expected to help “dismantle” institutional racism by admitting they are racist oppressors of their minority students.

Gov. Jay Inslee, currently serving a third term, has signed a bill that requires school districts to use a professional learning day to address “cultural competency, diversity, equity and inclusion.”

After flying under the radar for years, Critical Race Theory is taking a beating in the media and in politics after corporate employees, federal workers, and school children have been forced to sit through race-based training that claims white people are inherently racist and oppress minorities. Many whites are unaware of that truth, the training states, hence the need for a program to acknowledge their racism or, in the example of Coca-Cola’s training, to “be less white, less arrogant, less certain, less defensive, less ignorant, and more humble.”

A co-sponsor of the bill has told the media the legislation does not address Critical Race Theory and, in fact, The Spokesman-Review newspaper reported in an April story the words “Critical Race Theory” are nowhere in the bill.

And that appears to be true. Yet knowledgeable critics of CRT can easily spot it despite left-wing denials thanks to familiar buzz words such as “whiteness,” referring to Caucasians’ racist tendencies, and references to “equity,” which relates not to equal opportunities but equal Marxist, classless outcomes.

The bill’s official title states its goal is “dismantling institutional racism” in the public schools, which is a reference to the claim white supremacist beliefs are imbedded in institutions such as capitalism, politics, media, and academia, and therefore hold back minorities.

Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute knows the history behind CRT, which is that it springs from Critical Theory that was brought to the U.S. from European communists in the 1930s. The premise of Critical Theory, she points outs, is that people are unknowingly the victims of oppressors in economics, law, and politics, and the only way to break free is through a revolution.

 “It’s the whole construct of we’re going to divide society up into who are the oppressors and who are the oppressed,” she tells One News Now.

In February, in her own state of Illinois, Higgins says the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Administrative Rules approved a rule for indoctrinating teachers with CRT.

“If you graduate, you have to come out of a program, a teacher training program, that promotes leftist ideas that emerge from Critical Race Theory,” Higgins warns. “So they’re ensuring that all new teachers coming into all Illinois schools will have to be indoctrinated with Critical Race Theory.”


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