Nearly every politician in California has turned a blind eye to the slaying of a police officer by an illegal alien in Stanislaus County, California.

Newman Police Corporal Ronil Singh’s death grabbed media coverage across the country, and the nation mourned, but all but one California legislator – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy – remained absolutely silent about the brutal murder.

Favoring corrupt illegals over virtuous public servants?

The conservative media blasted all but one California lawmakers for intentionally neglecting the story about the illegal cop killer, calling their refusal to address the issue nothing short of “disgusting.”

“Why are these politicians so quick to defend illegal aliens as poor people who come to America looking for a better life?” Townhall’s Beth Baumann pondered. “Why is every illegal alien considered to be a good person who is running away from terrible conditions back home?”

Calling out all pro-immigration politicians

After the illegal alien with potential gang ties brutally murdered the California cop, Cameron Gray – the former producer of NRATV’s Cam and Company – posted a series of tweets about two tragedies – the officer’s unnecessary death and the negligence of California politicians to address or respond to the horrific incident in order to keep Democrats’ pro-immigration agenda alive.

“According to @govtrack, the House of Representatives has 53 members from California, [and] I just looked through the Twitter feeds of all 53 to see if they had tweeted about the murder of Newman, California, Corporal Ronil Singh,” Gray posted on Saturday in his first tweet.

He then noted a mere two exceptions – from both political parties – on the entire California legislative team.

“To my surprise, @ericwalwell, a California Democrat, Rted [retweeted] this from the NYPD, but did not write his own tweet on the murder,” Gray’s second tweet reads.

The gun rights advocate from the National Rifle Association (NRA) went on to sum up the matter in dismay.

“So, we have one tweet from a Republican and one RT from a Democrat,” Gray noted in his next tweet. “No other member of the California of either party took the time to tweet about the murder … But when you look closer, you see that the majority of the Democrats did tweet about the recent deaths during CBP custody.”

He emphasized that he found no tweet about Corporal Singh before asking a California legislator if his state has any responsibility to keep its police officers safe.

“Perhaps if California weren’t a sanctuary state, Corporal Singh would still be alive,” he continued in his next post, followed by a couple questions in his next tweets. “Will he lead an investigation into the death of Corporal Singh? Does California have any shame?”

Who’s accountable?

Gray again stressed that he saw no mention about Corporal Singh from virtually every lawmaker in the Golden State … before posing another question to legislators.

“Are you devastated by the murder of Corporal Singh?” he asked in another tweet.

He then made a tweet apparently directed at House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who is a vocal advocate of open borders, amnesty and sanctuary cities in her sanctuary state.

“Almost her entire recent timeline is about the border – nothing about a murder of a law enforcement officer in her own state,” Gray posted in his subsequent tweet, followed up by another directed at a California lawmaker. “Surprised he took time away from his Trump derangement syndrome to write this.”

The hashtag #JusticeForCorporalSingh was then mentioned before noting another legislator who was not “devastated” by Singh’s murder.

Lawmakers were then called to accountability.

“There are many more questions that must be answered,” Gray tweeted. “A police officer was killed in your state.” … “Hours after visiting his family for Christmas.”

He then alluded to all of the passionate demands Pelosi has made for probes into immigration enforcement for their handling of illegals … and to draw compassion for illegal aliens in California – in order to draw attention to her lack of interest in the fallen police officer at the hands of a criminal alien.

“A powerful tweet about the border with harsh words she didn’t use for the murder of a police officer in her state,” Gray continued in another tweet. “Who will you hold accountable for the murder of Corporal Singh.” … “Will Corporal Singh get an investigation too?” … “This will not go unanswered.”

A California legislator was also called out for showing compassion for illegals, but none for law enforcement.

“Not heartbroken enough to write a tweet about a murdered cop in his state,” the Second Amendment activist tweeted to begin another series of tweets. “More heartbreak, but not about Corporal Singh.” … “So many calls for investigations, elsewhere.” … “Investigations are only the first step in addressing yet another tragedy.”

Another plea was then apparently directed at the anti-Trump, anti-gun and anti-border wall Pelosi.

“If only she was going to investigate the role the ‘sanctuary state’ played in the murder of Corporal Singh,” Gray tweeted. “But she won’t. And neither will any of her fellow Democrats.”

A sad narrative about the state of politics in California was then given.

“It’s a sick irony that a legal immigrant comes to America, becomes a police officer, and is sworn to protect the citizens of a sanctuary state with laws that, in the end, didn’t protect him from an illegal immigrant killer,” his next tweet reads. “RIP Newman, California, Corporal Ronil Singh.”

Takeaways …

The conservative media insists that the Singh tragedy makes the Democrats’ narrative – that all illegal immigrants should be welcomed without question – a farce.

“Corporal Singh’s killer proves that not everyone that comes to our country is a good person with good intentions,” Baumann argued. “Some come to our country to hurt and kill others – including our men and women in blue.”

She went on to point out that if Pelosi was concerned at all about the fallen police officers at the hands of an illegal alien, she wouldn’t be currently soaking up the sun in the Hawaiian Islands.

“The politicians who are too busy vacationing it up in up in Hawaii •cough* Nancy •cough* should be ashamed of themselves,” Baumann added. “They could at least take five minutes to console the family – even if it is on social media.”

One more criminal alien tragedy that could have been avoided

Shortly after the illegal alien Gustavo Perez was apprehended on Friday for killing the Newman Police officer hours after Christmas, it was discovered that he already had run-ins with the law.

“Gustavo Perez Arriaga was arrested in Bakersfield on Friday as he tried to flee to Mexico, said Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson, whose agency is leading the investigation,” CBS News reported. “The sheriff told reporters that Perez Arriaga was in the country illegally after crossing the border in Arizona and had two prior arrests for driving while intoxicated.”

In addition, the criminal alien is believed to be a gang member.

“Christianson didn’t say when the 33-year-old came to the U.S., but said that the Mexico native has been living here for several years,” the CBS News report added. “The sheriff said Perez Arriaga has gang affiliations and multiple Facebook pages with different names.”


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