A civil liberties attorney who has warned for years about government power says it’s not surprising that the Central Intelligence Agency is able to monitor everything we say and do.

WikiLeaks, the controversial whistle-blowing outlet, has dumped the first part of what founder Julian Assange claims is the CIA’s hacking tools for spying and surveillance.

“There’s nothing, folks, that you’re doing today, if you’re doing it electronically, you’re being watched,” warns attorney John Whitehead of The Rutherford Institute.

Whitehead and others have warned about “Big Brother” for years, and now a lot more people are paying attention after WikiLeaks on Tuesday posted more than 8,000 documents and files that strongly suggest the CIA is spying on you.

The dump includes code and malware such as “Weeping Angel,” software that will makes you think your smart TV is off when it’s really recording everything you say – and sending the audio to the CIA thanks to the Embedded Devices Branch of the spy agency.

There’s even a program to hack into new automotive features like automatic braking and cruise control.

“They can actually hack into your phone from a distance and turn it into a microphone. They can actually hack into your laptop and turn it into a camera,” Whitehead says of the CIA’s capabilities.

Such abilities may seem reminiscent of government agents searching the world for the Jason Bourne character or Gene Hackman running from the NSA in “Enemy of the State.”

At website ZeroHedge.com, a financial website known for advancing conspiracy theories, the writers point out that the CIA can bypass cell phone encryptions and the agency can engage in “false flag” cyber attacks and blame other countries are the source, citing the Wikileaks revelations.

Whitehead and Rutherford frequently warn about an encroaching “police state” that puts state powers above parental rights, free speech, and religious rights. He tells OneNewsNow the new Wikileaks revelations are related to those concerns.

“If you say anything on Facebook or Twitter or whatever that may be considered anti-government,” he warns, “I guarantee you’re being watched.”

Most troubling of all, says Whitehead, the CIA’s most advanced hacking tools are now out in the open, where anyone can exploit them.


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