Winning campaigns attract losers — and the more a campaign wins, the more losers it attracts.

C’mon down, George Papadopoulo, a guy so obscure just 48 hours ago that CNN’s Wolf Blitzer was misidentifying him as “George Stephanapoulos.”

No, Wolf, Papadopoulos just wanted to be the next Stephanapoulos — he was dreaming of going from volunteer to paid staffer to paydirt, which Steffie has certainly done, as a $13-million-a-year paid Democrat operative/cheerleader at ABC “News.”

Now we are being told by Steffie and all the other Democrat hacks on network TV that Papadopoulos is the “key” to the entire Russian “collusion” investigation.

What a transformation. Last year, when this 30-year-old political groupie was appointed to some Trump campaign advisory council that only met once, the Washington Post mocked him as a wannabe — “One of Trump’s foreign policy advisers is a 2009 college grad who lists Model UN as a credential.”

Model UN, in case you were wondering, is student government for people who are such losers that they can’t get elected to student government.

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In politics, you can always spot nobodies like George Papadopoulos. They ask the real staffers — you know, the ones who get paid — if they can get some campaign business cards. And a title would be nice, something about “policy.”

All campaigns attract volunteers. Most people just want to help out, or have an ax they want to grind. Others, however, are looking for the Main Chance. That was George P.

These ambitious volunteers come in several types. There’s the wannabe-cop type. He volunteers to drive. He has a fake police badge. Watch out — he’s likely to eventually get arrested in New Hampshire for impersonating a cop or, if he gets an official car, equipping it with flashing lights he ordered from

This guy Papadopoulos could have been sent to the Trump campaign from Central Casting. According to the 2016 Post article mocking him, he bragged that he “designed the first ever project in Washington DC think-tank history on … He has written an op-ed piece … Several people in energy policy circles said they knew nothing of him.”

But I’ll bet he had a really cool gold-embossed business card!

From Mueller’s “Statement of the Offense,” you can get a good idea of just where Papadopoulos stood in the campaign, which was nowhere. The Russian woman told him she was “Putin’s niece.” He believed her.

Manafort quickly tired of reading his emails and “referred him to the Campaign Supervisor because “(h)e is running point.” Translation: I haven’t got time for this loser.

Eventually the Trump campaign “encouraged” him to go to Moscow “if it is feasible.” In other words, on his own dime.

“The trip proposed by defendant PAPADOPOULOS did not take place.”

After the election, the Democrat-controlled FBI gets involved, the same G-men who were conspiring with Hillary and the DNC to pay for the real Russian scandal — the fake dossier. The FBI’s policy is to search under every rock except the one the real crooks are hiding under — just ask the Tsarnaevs, or Whitey Bulger.

So the hapless G-men show up at Papadopoulos’s doorstep (does he still live in mom’s basement?) and he makes two mistakes.

Number one, he agrees to talk. Number two, he lies, in such a preposterous manner that even the Inspector Clouseaus of the FBI can put two and two together.

And now we are told that Papadopoulos is some combination of Machiavelli, Rasputin and James Bond. Because he can somehow bring Trump down.

Haven’t we heard this somewhere before? George Papadopolous is in a long line of attacks that are going to take Trump out — Megyn Kelly, “Access Hollywood,” Michigan recounts, faithless electors, emoluments clause, the 25th amendment …

It’s not fake news, it’s fantasy news.

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