A conservative spokesman says the tragic deaths of six people and the injuries of 62 others at the hands of a black nationalist who purposefully drove his car into a Christmas parade got almost no play in the mainstream media because it simply doesn’t fit the narrative.

The mainstream media has been almost completely silent about the horror Darrell Brooks Jr., a deeply racist black felon, visited on a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin just two weeks after being let out of prison on only a $1,000 bond.

Waukesha is only an hour’s drive from Kenosha, the site of the Rittenhouse trial. American Family News recently reported that one Facebook post in a string of social media posts by Brooks reads, “KNOKK DEM TF OUT!!” — making it plain that he believes white people deserved to be hurt for their racism.

But as Gary Bauer of American Values points out, outlets like CNN and MSNBC have ignored that.

“If they can twist anything into something they claim is evidence of white supremacy, they will do it. But when a horrendous, heinous act takes place like this murderous rampage by a black supremist who drove his car into a Christmas parade — that story is dropped almost immediately,” Bauer contrasts.

He says the narrative the liberal outlets are pushing falls along the same lines as the 1619 fiction, or the critical race theory hoax.

“The American media is all in on a narrative that the biggest problem facing America is white supremacy. That is insane,” he insists. “It is an evil lie. This is one of the most diverse, fair, unbigoted countries in the world.”

And he says the appallingly low trust factor Americans have with their news outlets does not even paint an accurate picture of the damage done by the liberal press.

“I know the American people have grown very skeptical of the media. I’m not sure if they fully understand just how twisted and how counterproductive the American media is to the good health and the unity of the United States,” the American Values president concludes.

In response to the existing reports about his attack, Brooks has said he feels “demonized” and “dehumanized.”


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