United States Border Patrol agents in Texas arrested an MS-13 gang member on Monday, in addition to apprehending several other criminal aliens convicted of kidnapping and sexual offenses who tried to sneak around immigration checkpoints approximately 80 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border.

The Salvadoran national gangster was arrested by Kingsville Station agents near Armstrong, Texas – just south of the Sarita Border Patrol Checkpoint – where the illegal immigrant admitted he was part of the notorious MS-13 (Mara Salvatrucha) gang. He will likely be tried and deported under President Donald Trump’s tightened immigration enforcement along the border.

“The member of the hyperviolent transnational gang will be processed for removal and could face charges for illegal entry,” Breitbart Texas reported from information it obtained from U.S. Border Patrol officials.

Weekend roundup

On Sunday, a U.S. citizen previously arrested and convicted for Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child was apprehended by Sarita Checkpoint agents – between Brownsville and Kingsville, Texas, on U.S. Highway 77 – for allegedly smuggling two illegal aliens.

“A court in Cameron County sentenced the man to two years in prison for the 2008 conviction, officials stated,” Breitbart’s Bob Price revealed Tuesday. “The illegal immigrants will be processed according to sector guidelines.”

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A day earlier, more smuggling activity was discovered just north of the border.

“Agents assigned to the Falfurrias Station in Brooks County – located on U.S. Highway 281 between McAllen and Alice – arrested a Guatemalan man near the town of Encino on Saturday,” Price also noted. “The roads around Encino are well known human smuggling drop-off areas where human smugglers will force the migrants to march through very dangerous conditions around the Falfurrias Border Patrol Checkpoint.”

Proliferating evidence of smuggling illegals in south Texas continues to mount, as Brooks County Sherriff Benny Martinez revealed that this year alone, the remains of at least 20 migrants were found within county borders.

“These deaths occur when the human smugglers abandon the people they are trying to sneak around the Border Patrol checkpoint located in the middle of our county,” Martinez recently told Breitbart Texas in an interview. “These smugglers have no concern for the health and safety of their ‘human cargo.’ When one of the illegal immigrants gets injured, dehydrated, or is otherwise too weak to keep up with the group, the smugglers simply leave them behind to die.”

When the Guatemalan national apprehended near Encino was in custody, agents found that the illegal alien has an extensive criminal history, including a conviction for Kidnapping to Commit Sexual Assault in Plainfield, New Jersey, dating back to March 2000.

“The court sentenced the man to 14 years in prison,” Price recounted. “He will likely face new federal charges for aggravated re-entry after removal as a sex offender.”

Another Guatemalan criminal alien sex offender was arrested Saturday by Kingsville Station agents operating out of an immigration checkpoint located off U.S. Highway 77 near Sarita, Texas.

“Agents learned the Guatemalan man has a previous arrest in Stanford, Connecticut, for sexual assault,” Price noted.

No signs of stopping

U.S. Border Patrol agents warn that members of MS-13 crossing the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) border is on the rise, and as one of the largest and most feared gangs in the world, it is now reportedly making a comeback in the U.S., with hundreds of its members being apprehended along the area.

“The Rio Grande Valley Sector has seen an increase of over 300 percent in the number of MS-13 gang members,” RGV-stationed U.S. Border Patrol agent Marcelino Medina, told CBS 4 News.

Mexico is commonly used as a transit route from Central America to the U.S. by the gang in order to continue their life of crime.

“Many MS-13 members are crossing the southern border after traveling from countries like El Salvador and Honduras,” CBS 4 News’ Sydney Hernandez informed. “Although Border Patrol agents say many are trying to get to bigger cities in the United States, some do continue their illegal activities … in the Rio Grande Valley.”

Medina noted that MS-13 gang members set up new illegal operations in the U.S., where their smuggling rings house up to 50 illegal immigrants at a time, as they are crammed into stash houses under horrid living conditions – many going without food or water for days on end.

“We do encounter them – smuggling things or as caretakers of stash houses,” Medina explained. “We’re mixing various people – we have mothers, children we don’t know, people with criminal history, pedophiles, gang members, MS-13, 18th Street gang members, sex offenders, violent offenders.”

Besides smuggling illegals and contraband, MS-13 gangsters have upped their assaults on U.S. border enforcement.

“Agents say as the number of Mara Salvatrucha members coming into our area goes up, so are the attacks on Border Patrol agents,” Hernandez pointed out. “For fiscal year 2017, 422 agents were assaulted – compared to the year before where 151 agents [were assaulted].”

Medina indicated that MS-13 members attack border agents in various malicious ways.

“They can be anything from physical confrontations – fists, it can be biting, spitting [at them], shot at, run over by vehicles,” Medina shared with CBS News.

The concentration of illegals breaking into the southern Texas region is another reason why President Donald Trump continues to move forward with his plans to complete a continuous 2,000-mile wall spanning from San Diego, California, to Brownsville, Texas – running straight through the RGV.

“The Rio Grande Valley sector has the highest numbers for immigrant apprehensions and drugs in the entire nation,” Hernandez divulged. “Agents say they don’t foresee the numbers going down anytime soon – until their manpower increases and more resources are made available.”

Yet RGV Border Patrol agents do not see the escalation in illegal activities – not to mention being understaffed – as being obstacles that will stop them from effectively cracking down on criminals in the area.

“These all go back to the symptoms of having a chaotic border,” Medina stressed. “We will continue to see increases in these kind of statistics that are becoming common to the Rio Grande Valley.”

Sessions to illegals: Consider yourself warned

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions visited the U.S.-Mexico border earlier this month to address the migrant caravan crisis and reinforce the Trump administration’s message that it is administering a tightened zero-tolerance immigration policy along the border to curb illegal immigration and the resulting criminal activity – including smuggling.

“If you cross the border unlawfully, then we will prosecute you – it’s that simple,” Sessions declared May 7, according to AFP. “If you smuggle illegal aliens across our border, we will prosecute you. If you are smuggling a child, we will prosecute you. And that child will be separated from you, as required by law.”

Sessions announced that the Department of Justice is implementing a 50-percent increase of immigration judges in the American Southwest by adding 18 more, along with another 35 prosecutors – contending that American citizens have been “pleading” for decades to have stronger border security.

“The American people are right and just and decent to ask for this,” Sessions continued. “They are right to want a safe, secure border and a government that knows who is here and who isn’t. Donald Trump ran for office on that idea. I believe that is a big reason why he won. He is on fire about this. This entire government knows it.”

During Sessions’ declaration, a protester called the nation’s top cop “evil,” asking if he had a soul, and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) proclaimed that his remarks and Trump’s tough-on-immigration enforcement are an “affront to our values as a nation.”

“This administration is set on tearing families apart, detaining immigrants without justification, leaving U.S.-born children without their parents and stoking fear in immigrant communities – all while siphoning off taxpayer dollars to fund a divisive and ineffective wall,” the DNC’s statement read, according to AFP.


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