Two grief-stricken parents, two sons killed in combat with Islamic extremism in the Middle East, two addresses to political conventions on national TV.

One parent was born in the U.S., the other in Pakistan. One is a Christian, the other a Muslim. One is for Trump, the other for Hillary. Do you get the idea where we’re going with this?

Would you care to guess which one of the grieving parents is the toast of the mainstream media, lionized from sea to shining sea, a model to us all, and which one is, well, Patricia Smith?

Her son Sean was murdered in 2012 in Benghazi. She told her story to the nation at the Republican rather than the Democrat convention, and these are some of the responses she got from Hillary’s bought-and-paid-for rumpswabs in the in-the-satchel mainstream media.

“I don’t care how that woman felt,” said Comrade Chris Matthews on MSNBC.

“A cynical exploitation of grief,” sniffed the Nation.

The Washington Post tut-tutted that what Mrs. Smith represented was “an early dip into the gutter.”

The New Yorker called her speech “the weaponization of grief.”

“A spectacle so offensive,” said Comrade Chris’ pal Rachel Maddow, “it was hard to even comprehend.”

A writer for GQ (who knew they were even still in business?) said he wanted “to beat her to death.”

What a difference it makes to have a “D” rather than an “R” after your name. If only Patricia Smith had put the blast on Donald Trump, she would have been speaking truth to power. She’d be on the shortlist for a Profiles in Courage award, maybe even the Nobel Peace Prize.

But instead she blamed Hillary, and that made her the snake at the garden party, the turd in the punch bowl. How dare she! Blasphemy!

kdzir_khanLook, I’m not excusing Donald Trump’s rude response on Twitter to the Khans. But c’mon. After all, it wasn’t Donald Trump who loudly clamored to ship the late Capt. Khan off to Iraq. Then New York Sen. Hillary Clinton did.

When it came to invading Iraq, the Senate Democrats were so overcome with blood lust that they scheduled a second roll call, so the malingerers could be rounded up and recorded in favor of what they were soon denouncing as Bush-Lied-People-Died jingoism.

If only Trump had responded with Democrat-like compassion, if only he had said something to the Khans about the death of their son like, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

Trump handled it badly, no question. But no matter what he said, Hillary’s press-credentialed common nightwalkers of the media were going to throw everything at him but the kitchen sink.

And now we see it happen again. Khizr Khan is a national treasure. Patricia Smith is a national disgrace.

Donald Trump should have seen this one coming a mile away, but somehow he never does. When will he ever learn? Until he does, somebody grab his iPhone. Stop him before he tweets again.

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