One of the most disheartening and unsettling movements going on in this country is the effort by the left to completely purge any reference to God from our society. At an elementary school in Massachusetts, administrators tried to take the word “God” out of the song “God Bless the USA.” Of course, there was instant outrage. The problem is that the “God” purge keeps going, and the examples keep pouring in.

Want to hear something outrageous? Check this out from Vanderbilt University. As reported by Todd Starnes at, the Christian club at Vanderbilt was told by the university that it will “no longer be recognized as a student group because it requires its members to have a personal commitment to Jesus Christ.”

That’s right. The Christian student organization has a stipulation in the club constitution which reads, “Criteria for officer selection will include level and quality of past involvement, personal commitment to Jesus Christ, commitment to the organization, and demonstrated leadership ability.” However, the university said no, and asked the club to take out the phrase “personal commitment to Jesus Christ.”

Are you kidding me? This is a CHRISTIAN club!

Here’s the statement from the university:

“We respect our students’ rights to hold and practice their religious beliefs. Our nondiscrimination policy does nothing to restrict those rights, nor does it limit these religious organizations’ ability to choose their own leaders. We require only that the groups be open to all Vanderbilt students and all members in good standing must be allowed to offer themselves for leadership. The groups themselves select their leaders. The policy allows leadership requirements such as length of membership, attendance, level of active participation and certain performance-based criteria, such as GPA for honor societies. Any groups whose leadership requirements don’t comply with our nondiscrimination policy are given the opportunity to revise and resubmit their application.”

Their policy absolutely limits the organization from choosing its leaders. Who are they trying to fool?

Here’s another example:

Criticism and complaints are pouring into a Virginia school district. Can you guess the reason? Once again, a teacher is removing the word “God” from the lyrics of a song for students. This time, the song is “We are the World.”

Within the song are the lines: “We are all a part of God’s great big family” — and — “As God has shown us by turning stones to bread.” The teacher changed the lyrics to both those lines and sent the changed lyrics home with the students.

The song was one of nearly a dozen that fourth and fifth graders at Broadus Wood Elementary School in Charlottesville were scheduled to sing next week at their spring concert. Several parents noticed that the lyrics to “We Are The World” had been changed to remove two references to God.

“The sentiment has been this is ridiculous and we need to stop it,” said Charlottesville radio host Rob Schilling, who first reported the story. “It’s time for the secular social exorcism to stop. America was a country built on God and we shouldn’t be afraid to speak or sing His name.”

And finally, we have this example from Western Kentucky University:

With permission from the university, the pro-life student group erected a display of 4,000 crosses in the school’s old football stadium. Because the group was fearful that other students might try to damage the display, they stood watch over it. Sure enough, a few students started vandalizing the display while campus police did NOTHING! The vandals put condoms on the crosses.

Why didn’t the police do anything? Their response was that the condoms did not constitute “vandalism.”

“They were putting condoms on every single cross in our display,” John Sohl, president of the pro-life group, told Fox News. “She said she was doing it for an art project. She was desecrating the crosses for class credit.”

Sohl called campus police – but they refused to intervene – citing First Amendment concerns. The police told the pro-life students that they “couldn’t do anything because the condoms aren’t actually vandalization.”

And the alleged vandal told police she had been given permission by her art teacher to desecrate the display.

The action was condoned by the art teacher? How is this not vandalism? It is certainly not free speech.

What a sad state we live in. References to God are being removed all in the name of “inclusion” when the action is clearly meant to EXCLUDE. The left wing agenda is being advanced by using “the feelings of one” as an excuse. What about the feelings of many? An America without God is not much of a country.

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