The Leftist media is saying that those who support allowing Christian business owners to opt out of participating in same-sex “weddings” are raging Christian bigots.

CNN and the mainstream media assert that people are homophobes if they want to keep men out of women’s locker rooms.

The debate over controversial bills regarding special restroom privileges is going on in Mississippi, Georgia and North Carolina — and on every political talk show on cable. The bias CNN’s Chris Cuomo brought to the topic seen in his following quote is typical of most network coverage.

“Why do so many Christians these days believe that the exercise of their faith requires exclusion and judgment of others?” Cuomo recently asked.

He was talking with Family Research Council‘s Peter Sprigg. Then he got personal.

“I know you and your organization feels about gays — you don’t like them,” Cuomo alleged. “You find gay lives to be a choice and to be disgusting.”

The accusation is not, in fact, what Peter Sprigg believes, But American Family Association‘s Abe Hamilton says facts seem to mean little to Cuomo and his fellow travelers. He points out the bills are not anti-gay, but pro-religious freedom.

“It’s one thing to have a certain notion or behavior — or whatever you want to call it — that’s identified as sinful,” Hamilton pointed out. “But it’s another thing when I am, then put in a position where I am forced to embrace, accept and celebrate the sin over and above my Christian faith.”

He contends that the bakers, florists and photographers fighting for that faith are not bigots.

“The overwhelming majority of these people are not angry, knarling, foaming at the mouth people who are just looking to express their hatred,” Hamilton continued. “It’s people who are saying, ‘I’ll give you a set of flowers … but I just can’t do it for a marriage ceremony.’”

Hamilton also maintains that a person is not a bigot or homophobe because he or she believes what the Bible says about sexuality.

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