A number of left-leaning media outlets changed up their headlines to cover up criticism of Senate Democrats regarding their blockage of Republicans’ efforts to provide additional small business relief in a bill to mitigate the economic toll of the global coronavirus pandemic.

“CNN, NBC News, Politico and the New York Times all changed their initial headlines and scrubbed away blame on Democrats,” TheBlaze reported.

CNN leading others in its ‘fake news’ trend?

A major Washington daily pointed out CNN amending its headline to soften a blow on Democrats.

“A major news outlet will at first report accurately on a breaking news event, but then amend its own headline later in such a way as to make sure it does not: a) reflect well on Republicans or b) reflect poorly on Democrats,” the Washington Examiner asserted. “On Thursday, for example, after Senate Democrats killed Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s small-business COVID-19 relief package, CNN published a breaking news headline that read, ‘Democrats block GOP-led funding boost for small business aid program.’”

The daily’s Becket Adams commended CNN for getting this right … before it fell back on its anti-Trump and pro-Democrat news agenda.

“But CNN changed it anyway to remove all negative implications for Democratic lawmakers,” Adams added. “The headline now reads, ‘Senate at stalemate over more COVID-19 aid after Republicans and Democrats block competing proposals.’”

This was caught by another conservative news hub, as well, which actually monitored the duration of the “quick-change” – an alteration made in order to save face for the Democratic Party, which incessantly touts itself as a champion of the little guy.

“A headline that appeared critical of Senate Democrats was edited within an hour to be less critical,” the Daily Caller divulged.

CNN was in good company when it came to not shedding Senate Democrats in a negative light.

Instead of sticking with their initial accurate portrayal, writing “Democrats block G.O.P. proposal for aid to businesses, request more funds,” the New York Times switched its headline to “As Economy Hemorrhages Jobs, Aid Stalls in Senate.”

A similar change was implemented by Politico, which originally posted the headline, “Senate Dems to block new coronavirus relief in bid for more money,” but after realizing that it depicted Republicans as being champions of small business, a more neutral spin was used –  “Senate brawl derails fast push for new coronavirus relief.”

NBC News also managed to change the negative spin, as illustrated by the Daily Caller, which tweeted images of  first original and edited headlines, which announced, “Senate Democrats block GOP bid for $250 billion in small-business lets the outfunds amid impasse over coronavirus aid,” … before reverting to “Senate hits impasse over $250 billion in coronavirus small-business funds.”

The Daily Caller’s Greg Price stressed the hypocrisy of the ultra-left media outlets, arguing that they would be quick to condemn if the conservative media did the same thing.

“I’m pretty sure the Daily Caller updating our headlines like this if Republicans were to block a coronavirus relief [bill] would not be met with a positive reaction from liberal politics media,” Price tweeted Thursday.

Trying to keep small businesses afloat

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) made his frustration over Democrats’ blockage of the COVID-19 bill to help small businesses known.

“We need more funding and we need it fast,” McConnell urged, according to the Daily Caller. “I want to add more money to the only part of our bipartisan bill that could run out of money. My colleagues must not treat working Americans like political hostages. We must not fail them.”

Rather than moving forward to assist small businesses, the Democratic Party used its blockage of the bill as an opportunity accuse Republicans of playing politics instead of trying to help those struggling in the private business sector.

“WATCH: Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.) call out Senator Mitch McConnell for a ‘political stunt’ on the Senate floor today: ‘Because it will not address the immediate needs of small businesses,” Senate Democrats tweeted Thursday.

Democrats attempted to push their agenda through in the bill, including climate change funding, workplace diversity/pay equity, a $15 minimum wage and a list of other items that had nothing to do with fighting COVID-19, but the main news the progressive media attempted to block was their turning their backs on small businesses.

“All this to avoid stating simply that Senate Democrats torpedoed a coronavirus relief package that Congress’ upper chamber was ready to pass until House Speaker Nancy Pelosi decided to upend negotiations with a ludicrous counterproposal chockablock with irrelevant and politically charged kickbacks,” the Examiner noted. “The bill eventually passed, by the way, with few, if any, of Pelosi’s wish list of garbage items.”


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