His knee-jerk critics are clearly in a dither, for the more they try to discredit Donald Trump, the more they boost his popularity.

Can’t they see they’re throwing boomerangs?

Or, as the late Howard Cosell dismissively said of his own critics, “They’re throwing spitballs at a battleship.”

Now the liberal media have abandoned all pretenses of objectivity in a feverish scavenger hunt for any peccadillo, any morsel of infidelity or imperfection in Trump’s life, even back before he got involved in politics.

Desperate to nail him, they’re looking for anything that might not seem presidential today. It’s the old Malcolm X approach: “By any means necessary!” It’s what this same crowd did to George W. Bush on the eve of his election in 2000, unearthing a drunken-driving incident.

It made no difference that it was a 25-year-old story, or that the future president had been a teetotaler for the past 14 years, just as it makes no difference that Trump appears to adore his wife and be adored by his kids today.

Please, don’t let the facts get in the way of the story.

That seems to be the modus operandi of the anti-Trump mob in its hell-bent zeal to overrule those millions of voters who made him the presumptive nominee he is at the moment.

They know better than the rest of us, don’t you understand?

They’re more sophisticated, more sensitive, more enlightened.

Yet the harder they try to impose their will, the more resented they are and the more Trump benefits from the backlash. Don’t they get it?

Here’s the rub: Character does not matter to this crowd. With them, it’s all about ideology.

So Bill Clinton remains their hero, even though he was impeached for lying, obstructing justice and sexually exploiting a subordinate. It made no difference. In fact, in the midst of those sordid revelations a Time magazine writer, Nina Burleigh, infamously said she’d happily have sex with our lecherous president just to thank him for keeping abortion legal.

The guessing here is that Trump is taking notes for future reference.

At issue, the mob tells him, is the abuse of women, reasoning that any skirt-chaser is, ipso facto, unfit for the Oval Office.

But shouldn’t that apply to enablers, too?

Come debate time, wouldn’t it be interesting to hear Hillary’s thoughts on the subject?

This is not a topic the Trump bashers should have pursued, because it’ll turn into another ace up Donald’s sleeve.

The more they hit this man, the harder he hits back.

No wonder he infuriates them.


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