After a uniformed police officer pulled into a McDonald’s drive through in Henrico County, Virginia, and paid for his order, he was refused service and his food once the employee at the pick-up window saw his uniform.

The 25-year law enforcement veteran, Scott Naff – who is an officer for the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries – shared the incident with his wife, Cathy, who described the run-in to the local newspaper. She said that when the employee at the window saw his uniform, he received a defiant reaction.

“I ain’t servin’ no police,” the McDonald’s employee told Naff, according Fox News.

Reverberating disgust …

The story went viral quickly after the appalled wife posted her husband’s experience on her Facebook page to notify her closest friends and families about what happened. By Monday, it quickly received 2,000 comments and 3,500 shares, to her surprise.

“He was in uniform and [in] his police vehicle,” the officer’s wife informed her social media followers, according to Fox 8. “He paid for his food and drove forward to the next window. The young man who was working that window looked at him and backed away from the window mouthing something to my husband.”

Cathy Naff then explained that her husband was unable to hear what the employee told him because the drive-thru window was closed when he pulled up.

“The guy finally walked to the window and slid it open,” she continued. “The guy said, ‘I ain’t servin’ no police’ and closed the window. The guy proceeded to tell everyone in McDonald’s, including the manager, that he was not going to serve the police.”

Naff reported what happened not to get retribution on the employee, but to let Americans see the kind of hostility police officers in the United States endure daily after the police bashing that was fueled during the Obama administration.

“Cathy said it was not her husband’s intention to cost someone their job, but she wanted to bring to light what police officers go through while interacting with the public,” Fox News noted. “Cathy updated her Facebook status to say a manager at the McDonald’s had told her and Scott the employee in question had been let go.”

She said it was a shame that police officers such as her husband have gotten such a bad rap because of a few bad cops out there – not to mention the way mainstream media and progressive politicians have stigmatized law enforcement in a negative light.

“My husband is one of the great guys and would have never treated this young man disrespectfully,” the supportive wife insisted.

After hearing about what happened, the owner of the McDonald’s restaurant was spurred to take “appropriate action” to right the wrong.

Not in my establishment …

McDonald’s franchise owner Freda Thornton issued a statement Tuesday supporting the officer and condemning the action of her employee.

“At our restaurants, we are dedicated to serving all of our customers, including all authority figures who protect our wildlife and natural resources,” Thornton told WTVR. “We regret this situation, as it goes against our standards of providing a welcoming experience to everyone, and we have taken the appropriate action to resolve this situation.”

Where’s the training?

When the Richmond Times-Dispatch asked a McDonald’s spokeswoman what measures would be taken to make sure similar instances would not occur in the future and if further comment would be provided, she declined to provide any details – even though it was disclosed later that the disrespectful employee had been terminated.

Naff’s wife was also asked if she though the situation had been handled properly.

“When asked whether McDonald’s actions were satisfactory, Cathy Naff said there is no satisfaction in seeing someone lose a job,” the Dispatch’s Bill Lukitsch reported. “She added that the issue could likely be prevented from recurring through adequate customer training practices.”

She insisted that food chains must do a better job to ensure that the entire community is served with respect and dignity.

“This situation is about how a law enforcement officer was treated by an employee of a local establishment who should have been trained by their employer and properly supervised on how to treat their customers,” Cathy Naff told the Richmond daily.

In one of her Facebook posts, the concerned wife called on all Americans to do a better job appreciating those who sacrifice their lives to ensure their safety.

“This is such an eye opener for me – as to what the people who protect us have to go through on a daily basis,” Cathy Naff wrote, according to “Please pray for the men and women who serve and protect us and put their lives on the line for us each and every day.”


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