A crazed intruder in a pink mask stomped into the MassGOP office in Woburn, calling staffers and volunteers “fascists” before threatening to “come back with a weapon” in an unhinged outburst police are investigating.

No arrests were announced Wednesday night, but Woburn police told the Herald the man’s “mental health” is part of the probe. The suspect was identified by MassGOP as a defense attorney and known supporter of Democratic candidates.

“It’s nuts,” said Jim Lyons, MassGOP chairman. “If this was a Republican breaking into a Democratic headquarters, this story wouldn’t stop. It would be going on all day long.”

The Communications director, a volunteer and a few others were at the headquarters as the man walked into the Woburn office in Cummings Park on the fifth floor at about 1 p.m., and all of a sudden pointed a camera at them. “They were scared,” Lyons said. Once in the hallway, the man shouted: “I’m going to come back with a weapon,” witnesses said.

“My hope is (Middlesex) District Attorney Marian Ryan and the Attorney General’s Office looks into this,” Lyons said, adding he’ll now have to keep the office doors locked.

Lyons added the Woburn police were there in “no time” and were sympathetic to the plight of his rattled staff. Lyons was not in the office at the time.

But Wendy Wakeman was.

“It was crazy. It really was,” she said on the “Howie Carr Show” Wednesday. “I asked, ‘What are you doing?’ He was all dressed up with a pink mask on…I told him, ‘You just barged into my office.’”

He told her he wanted to talk about the Jan. 6 “insurrection” in Washington.

“We were like a human wall trying to push him out, and he starts dropping the F-bomb and yelling at that we were ‘fascists,’” she added. “It was crazy…A woman from another office came out and was shaken. She saw him walk in.”

“It is scary to be sitting in your office and having a normal day and have a lunatic walk in,” she added. Police, she said, gave them instructions on how to ban the suspect from the office “forever.”

Lyons also questioned the timing. Only hours before the incident, Gov. Charlie Baker announced that the statewide mask mandate for Massachusetts public schools will be lifted at the end of the month.

“People are done with the government overreach,” Lyons said. “They want to be able to live their lives normally again, and people like this individual who threatened my staff today are obviously distraught over the likelihood of that happening.”

“Republicans are for giving people their lives back and somehow that’s what prompts left-wingers like our unannounced visitor to call us ‘fascists,’” Lyons added.

The next MassGOP campaign training event is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Watertown Marine Corps League.

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