President Barack Obama’s former national security adviser, Susan Rice, is caught like a rat in a glue trap and there is nothing that the establishment media can do but try to block your view.

It’s not their best look, but it’s all they’ve got.

Naturally, The New York Times and CNN led the pack.

The Times on Monday described the scandal as “a string of reports in conservative news media outlets,” conveniently ignoring the corroboration of moderate sources like Bloomberg View. The headline: “Trump Tries to Deflect Russia Scrutiny, Citing ‘Crooked Scheme’ by Obama.”

CNN’s Don Lemon ignored the stunning revelations of a politically motivated abuse of power, and insisted he was doing us all a favor, declaring that he would not “aid and abet the people who are trying to misinform you, the American people, by creating a diversion.”

Enter CNN’s Jim “Diversion” Sciutto, a former member of Obama’s State Department, with this beauty: “The idea that Ambassador Rice improperly sought the identities of Americans is false. There is nothing unusual about making these requests …”

Except there is, Jim. People in the Trump circle have been perused by Rice for almost a year, and one — former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn — has had his career destroyed by the ensuing leaks.

Yesterday, the baton was passed to Chris Cuomo, host of CNN’s “New Day.” “There is no evidence of any wrongdoing,” he began. Then the reach: “In fact, if anything, the NSA asking for identities was a reflection of exactly how much traffic there was involving Trump people and foreign players.”

Translation: Regardless of the fact that we have no proof, we know Trump is guilty and anything our political allies can do, whether ethical and legal or otherwise, must be done so we can take him down.

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell got in on the action as well. “Did you seek the names of people … to unmask the names of people involved in the Trump transition, the Trump campaign, people surrounding the president-elect in order to spy on them, in order to expose them?”

Rice blurted, “Absolutely not for any political purposes …”

I think you need a lawyer Ms. Rice. Hard as Andrea Mitchell tried to make things easy on you.

The Atlantic gushed over the exchange, calling it a “careful dance.”

Leading Democrats investigating Trump’s involvement with the Russians have conceded again and again that they have no evidence of collusion to sway the election. The media has no evidence. The vaunted “17 intelligence agencies” have no evidence.

The only hard evidence to come of this entire charade is that the Obama administration actively sought and shared intelligence on a political rival.

Most likely Susan Rice will soon be involved in another “careful dance” with investigators. One that even CNN can’t hide from you.


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