It’s been almost a month since Donald Trump emerged victorious in a campaign so venomous it became a national embarrassment.

But the final bell meant nothing to the crowd he vanquished; indeed, his bitter opponents continue throwing haymakers, refusing to accept their defeat as final.

If they were children we’d call them brats.

In addition to being churlish and ungracious, they’ve now become obstructionists, determined to undermine Trump’s presidency, no matter how much it might adversely affect this nation he has been called to lead.

It makes you wonder, what kind of Americans are these people?

Even their erstwhile champion, Al Gore, had the good taste to figuratively extend an olive branch to George W. Bush after the Supreme Court determined the latter had prevailed in the nasty campaign of 2000.

Like Hillary Clinton’s dejected followers, Gore could have used the popular vote as justification for continuing to raise a divisive ruckus.

Instead he acknowledged the system had spoken, then he spoke, too, even though it had to have been difficult: “I’m with you, Mr. President,” he publicly said. “May God bless your stewardship of this country.”

Gore was personifying a noble concept known as the loyal opposition, a concept clearly foreign to these unseemly ham-and-eggers who are loyal to nothing but their own blind ambitions.

A cooling-off period would have been understandable, but we’re now well into December, far removed from the election, and they’re still vowing revenge as they lick their wounds.

Principled? No. They’re pathetic.

When Dylan Thomas wrote of “not (going) gentle into that good night,” he wasn’t advocating resistance to reality. Quite the opposite. The Welsh poet was pleading for his dying father to continue wringing all he could out of life in whatever days remained, knowing those days were numbered and that the end was plainly in sight.

The end of our 2016 presidential campaign has now come and gone, yet the obnoxious likes of Elizabeth Warren, Jill Stein and John Kerry continue to “burn and rage,” as Thomas put it, unwilling to let democracy have the final word.

There’s an old adage that tells us “by their fruits (we) shall know them,” meaning how people act tells us a lot more about them than what they say.

They lusted for power, then watched it slip away, and now the thought of someone else being entrusted with it is so unbearable to them that they vow to cripple the new administration.

Please. It’s one thing to lose and quite another to behave like losers.

They are losers indeed.


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