A cursory glance at the events of the day suggests that total madness has overtaken the country. The peace and prosperity of only a few months ago seems to have vanished. In its place is constant chaos, turmoil, destruction, and widespread death. Worst of all, so much of the situation has been very deliberately compounded and inflamed by vile policy decisions from virtually every leftist Democrat in a position of power.

However, the situation is hardly random or chaotic. With an understanding of who leftists are and how they have historically operated, a grim and ugly pattern begins to emerge. America had better quickly recognize it and decisively deal with it. The only other option is total surrender.

In my book “Rules for Defeating Radicals” (Available At Amazon) I explain how leftists gain an unwarranted foothold in the public discourse, by concocting a phony “moral high ground” from which to promote their detestable ideology in seemingly “virtuous” and irrefutable terms. On any available premise, they begin by sanctimoniously pronouncing which side is inherently right, based solely on its alignment with their social and political goals. Any harm inflicted on innocent people by it is of no consequence. Any effort to oppose it is, in contrast, inexcusably “wrong.”

As the inevitably disastrous consequences of their actions become more difficult to defend, they must intensify their efforts, including the creation or exploitation of “crises,” whether real or imagined, along with the increased tenor of their propaganda. In all cases, they seek to connect with the people on Main Street by claiming to be the true paragons of “virtue.” The latest series of calamites bear witness to all of this.

So with the onset of the Wuhan virus, and the need to curtail human-to-human contact in hopes of slowing its spread, leftist Democrats saw a window of opportunity by which they hoped to wreck the economy as thoroughly as possible. The devastation of individual lives and livelihoods was of no consequence. Gaining a political advantage was the only concern. So lockdowns were needlessly extended, and efforts to reopen businesses, while highly successful in conservative “Red” states, were adamantly opposed in every Democrat dominated “Blue” zone.

That has redounded very badly for the Democrats. America is reawakening. None of the grim leftist Democrat predictions of massive new waves of death from the virus have eventuated. And increasingly, it is becoming apparent that so much of the hardship and misery was unnecessarily and purposely inflicted on average Americans for no good reason. The abysmal and inevitable failure of leftist policy went on display across the land, in an inescapable side-by-side comparison of “Red” state rebounds, versus “Blue” state oppression, with maximized squalor and deprivation.

As if on cue, the horrific fate of George Floyd was exultantly seized upon by the left as their new “cause” on which to shamelessly grandstand. Rather than focusing on the actual event, and demanding justice for the murderous individuals who were directly involved, leftist Democrats saw it as a golden opportunity to paint the entire country with their shamelessly broad brush, hatefully and venomously hurling the accusation that all of “White America” is somehow complicit and guilty.

The “moral high ground” that had eluded them throughout the forty months of the Trump Presidency was now within their grasp. And that is what the riots, the brutality, the looting, the murderous battery of innocent helpless people, and the destruction of so many of their businesses has all been about. Leftists see themselves in a position of unchallenged “moral supremacy.” All of their former lies and policy failures, and all of the needless obliteration of the American dream that they’ve caused in the past, is to be forgotten. The current desolation is a “worthy” effort. And their “righteous” fingers of blame are pointed at us with unquenchable enthusiasm.

All that was needed for this unconscionable scam to thoroughly succeed was for the predictable RINO cowards and traitors to jump on the band wagon, not wanting to be considered among the guilty, and hoping to prove themselves superior in the eyes of the left. And of course that has been the case. From the race-pandering of kneeling white liberals, to the latest sellout of conservatism by former president George W. Bush, the abominations committed against so many Americans of every ethnicity, by marauding leftists of the “Black Lives Matter” movement and their mostly white antifa counterparts, are being given a “pass” on the basis that they are somehow “deserved.” Hence, leftists are once again on their phony “moral high ground.”

The wrecked cities, ruined businesses, and battered bodies of the wounded and dead are the real “testament” to leftists and their agenda, no less than were the empty shelves and shuttered businesses during the Wuhan virus lockdown. In the midst of it all, the perverse “morality” of the leftist counterculture becomes a critically essential element. For race pandering whites, kneeling, and decrying “White Privilege” is the new breathing mask by which to exhibit their superior “virtue.”

This is where it’s all going. All of those kneeling, pandering cops, troops and others will only give faux “legitimacy” to the whole anti-American movement. It’s what the “take a knee” fad is really all about. Leftist claims of “racial justice,” despite being rendered totally empty by all of the suffering among minorities that has resulted, are their “badges of honor,” by which they would be “justified” in making the horror of the past two months a mere harbinger of much worse to come if they can seize the reins of power.

This is the America they envision. The good people of this country, from every ethnic background, must be diligently reminded of this as November approaches.

Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for years. His recently released book Rules for Defeating Radicals, subtitled Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture, is the “Go To” guide for effectively overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

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