Beginning as young as kindergarten, public school students in the state of Washington will be taught about “transgenderism” effective in the fall 2017 semester.

New LGBT-friendly changes to the Evergreen State’s health education learning standards have been applied so that instruction on “gender expression” will be mandatory for teachers to administer in their classrooms to students,according to the Daily Caller.

As early as the age of five, children enrolled in public schools will be taught to “Understand [that] there are many ways to express gender” —as part of the mandatory so-called “Self-Identify” sexual health curriculum.

The educational materials will instruct students that gender is no longer determined by a person’s biological characteristics at birth. In fact, teachers will inform children through the curriculum that gender expression is now subjective to individual preference — and not limited to one’s actual sex.

Such teachings about sexuality only begin in kindergarten, and then progress through students’ public school education to achieve higher levels of “understanding” about gender-confused individuals and others who practice sexually deviant behavior.

Once a student is in the third grade, he or she will be required to “Explain that gender roles can vary considerably” — now that dozens of gender types are recognized and promoted by the Obama administration, which worked to federaliz public school curricula through the implementation of its controversial Common Core.

Further pushing the indoctrination demanded by the proliferating “LGBT rights” across America, public schools within the state will also force third graders to recognize and “Understand [the] importance of treating others with respect regarding [their] gender identity.”

Redefining the sexes

Falling in line with President Barack Obama’s homosexual agenda that ultimately ended up with the United States Supreme Court redefining marriage to legalize same-sex “marriage” — so that the union is no longer solely recognized as being between one man and one woman — the state of Washington is redefining gender.

According to the Northwest state’s health education glossary, gender is now officially defined as something that is based on a number of confusing contingencies.

“Gender – A social construct based on emotional, behavioral, and cultural characteristics attached to a person’s assigned biological sex,” Washington’s newly revised glossary currently reads.

In order to blur the lines even further between boys and girls — and between men and women — the public education system in the state seeks to make sure that students take a number of factors under consideration when attempting to pigeonhole another’s “true” or desired gender. The state’s health education learning standards attempts to do this though offering another definition.

“Gender expression – The way someone outwardly expresses their gender,” the newly defined LGBT term reads.

Even though changes have already been made to the state standards as public education officials are preparing to roll out the new curricula, a press release has not yet been issued by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) to alert concerned parents throughout the state of Washington about what their children will be subjected to within a year’s time.

Admittedly, students’ objection to the new teachings — nor parental consent — were not addressed by the OSPI as it moves forward to implement its new sex education curriculum next year. When pressed, the OSPI conceded that it has not yet determined what would be done if students with sincerely held beliefs opposing the teachings object to completing assignments required under the new curriculum on sexuality.


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