Kamala Harris has not lived up to the hype.

She started fast by making history, quickly peaked, and it’s been downhill from there.

Whether it’s being kept out of the loop on major foreign policy moves or being shuffled off to do impossible jobs like oversee the Mexico border crisis, Harris has been misused by the Biden administration — maybe on purpose.

Mike Pence had better assignments than Harris.

With the 2024 presidential race looming over the White House, she’s been viewed more as a potential rival than a partner by Joe Biden, and the friction they experienced during the 2020 campaign has never totally subsided.

The two don’t often appear together and Harris has largely been silent on major decisions and important issues — like Biden’s handling of the pandemic. There doesn’t seem to be much of a personal connection between Harris and the president, maybe because they clashed so fiercely in 2020 — which angered first lady Jill Biden.

If it’s one thing we’ve learned during the Biden presidency, it’s you don’t want to mess with Jill Biden.

Did Biden just pick Harris for the optics of the first woman of color as vice presidential nominee, and then always plan on cutting her out of the loop? Did Harris’s attacks on Biden over busing and race never really heal? It sometimes looks that way.

Harris’s disapproval rating is near 50%, and she completely bungled her first major foray out of the White House, when she sarcastically dismissed critics who wanted her to go to the border by saying she hadn’t been to Europe, either.

Harris’ dysfunctional office is now leaking stories about infighting and complaints about her chief of staff — a sure sign that things are not going well. White House officials reportedly described Harris’s operation as a “(bleep)show,” according to Axios.

Democrats, especially liberals, are now openly questioning whether Harris will cut it as the party’s standard bearer in three years, when Biden will be 81 years old.

The question now is, if not Harris, then who?

The Democratic field looks incredibly thin and flawed. U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will be old enough to run, but her extreme left wing positions are out of the mainstream of even the Democratic electorate which chose Biden in 2020.

Elizabeth Warren? She couldn’t even win her home state. Pete Buttigieg is a retread. Deval Patrick was barely noticeable in his failed 2020 campaign. Andrew Cuomo? Please.

At this point Democrats would be better with 81-year-old Biden at the helm, but that’s not saying much.

Plagued by a faltering economy, high gas prices, his own sometimes bizarre behavior and a stubborn pandemic that won’t go away, Biden has his own weaknesses that could be exposed by Republicans or even a challenger from his own party.

Republicans have their own problems.

It’s not too late for Harris to turn things around, but with Biden hanging her out to dry, her hopes for 2024 have turned from automatic to highly questionable.


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