Ever fearful of a Trump curtain call in 2024, the powers behind Joe Biden’s throne have throttled up their efforts to institutionalize socialist rule in America. A path has been cut by means of a legal assault on state election protocols, causing Republicans to surrender real estate in swing states that now use mail-in ballots, dumps, and late counts, and outdated voter registries to create conditions favorable to fraud.

Democrats have capsized a resuscitating economy and overburdened a working class already paying the bills for a welfare state overrun by millions of illegals. Influence over policy has been surrendered to the party’s radical fringe, still under the spell of the former laughingstock of the Upper House, Bernie Sanders, who has elevated democratic socialism to a rebel yell. Their doctrine is rooted in the writings and lectures of Karl Marx and his protégés, all adapted into a couple of how-to guides by American radical political theorist, Saul Alinsky.

In his 1946 Reveille for Radicals Handbook, Alinsky told his followers to “fan the latent hostilities” of low-income, inner city residents and “search out controversy and issues, rather than avoid them.” In Rules for Radicals (1971), he wrote that ridicule of one’s opponent is a potent weapon, a strategy oft-used by Biden to belittle MAGA followers and Republicans en masse. Alinsky’s writings heavily informed the politics of a young Wellesley student, Hillary Clinton, who became a pen pal and fawned over his theories in her 1969 senior thesis. Barack Obama also saw Alinsky as the sage behind his community agitating in Chicago, as did Patrice Cullors, founding activist of the Black Lives Matter Global Network, a nonprofit money pit that showed less concern for the welfare of Black neighborhoods than they did the tens of millions of dollars pinched from woke corporate boardrooms and philanthropies to feed the nouveau riche lifestyles of its executives.

During the Trump administration, BLM and Antifa flaunted their street creds in the wake of police in-custody deaths and shootings, inciting urban unrest and bringing looting and arson into vulnerable communities where police relations were most fragile. No sooner had the cause célèbre of Defund the Police lost steam, party radicals renewed their attack upon qualified immunity, the only protection against frivolous lawsuits calculated to ruin careers and bankrupt cops. Eliminating qualified immunity would promptly shrink the police ranks, reduce discretionary actions to stop crime, and severely impact recruitment.

Biden’s attacks on the Constitution have been unrelenting since he was propped up behind the Resolute Desk. It started on Inauguration Day with a stack of seventeen executive orders crushing an economic revival, creating division by race and class, and destroying meritocracy by elevating identity over competency with a rogue’s gallery of department heads anointed by skin color, transgenderism, sexual proclivity, and radical beliefs. The hidden hands of the administration that rock the cradle see the Constitution as an out-of-touch recipe for a federal republic, with checks and balances easily bent or broken in the face of a stiff political wind. A recent example is the pending agreement with the World Health Organization to relinquish America’s pandemic sovereignty, a document having the force of a treaty but duplicitously constructed as a provisional agreement to circumvent the required approval of the Senate.

Vladimir Lenin saw the potential of using education to undermine capitalism in proclaiming that it would take only a generation of four-year-olds to build a socialist state. In kind, the Biden administration is determined to turn a whole generation of grade school children against their parents and country, putting their thumb on the scale of parent-teacher relationships, sending G-men to harass those who would dare to object, promoting fairy tales that leave a sour taste of America’s past and present, imposing CRT pedagogy to create racial and ethnic divisions, and gaslighting gender confusion. Inspiration for gender dysphoria in children can be found in woke school districts that coax youngsters to disassemble their private parts without parental consent. Brainwashed minors can now sidestep parents by hopping a Greyhound to California, where health workers are queued up to impose acts of cruelty upon those barely old enough to work a newspaper route.

According to Lenin, the goal of socialism is communism. Marxists cannot pave the road ahead without destroying the one left behind. In his allegorical bestseller on totalitarianism, George Orwell wrote that “the most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of history.” By executive order, the Biden administration has ginned up a campaign on the Left to destroy historical relics.

In drafting the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights, Founding Father George Mason recognized that a well-armed society was the greatest hedge against tyranny. Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Mao Zedong all engaged in gun control and targeted confiscations as a prelude to reigns of terror against their people.

Legal gun owners in America now find themselves staring down the barrel, burdened by oppressive and ineffective blue-state regulations aimed at eliminating self-defense while turning pistol-packing felons into serial shooters with get-out-of-jail-free reforms to the bail system. The Biden administration is helping by using ATF as a hammer and sickle, shutting down gun stores for simple clerical mistakes uncovered during routine regulatory inspections. License revocations are up by five hundred percent since 2021. Many of these state regulations are outright unconstitutional by their disregard of high court rulings.

Lenin is reported to have said that the way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation. Retirees have become unwitting social-justice warriors through a fiduciary bait-and-switch of pension portfolios to ESG-obsessed companies. Every American taxpayer is now a shareholder in the destruction of the fossil fuel and nuclear industries to make way for inefficient renewable sources. The utopian goals of net zero carbon emissions and an all-electric society are absurd when one considers the means by which electricity, a secondary source of energy, is produced. Madcap policy measures to decarbonize American-made electricity don’t amount to a hill of beans for eighty-five percent of the industrialized world soiling a planet that will nevertheless continue to warm for hundreds of years. Trillion-dollar climate bills adding to inflation and taxation will do little more than break the backs of American consumers, forcing many into lifelong dependency on socialist subsidies.

With little regard for our founding principles, the White House has used the Bill of Rights as a doormat. Biden reigns by executive fiat, with indifference to the unconstitutionality of his mandates, decrees, and orders.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and climate control are the main drivers of American domestic and foreign policy and the golden calves of the Biden administration. West Winger Susan Rice, an Obama holdover, has been placed in charge of injecting DEI into the bloodstream of every federal agency. Department operations are now captive to hardline protocols that will force all fifty states to follow suit through the extortionate practice of withholding federal monies and grants.

Stone-deaf to public opinion polling, fringe party socialists have seized control of the Democrat party and continue to influence despotic policies that damage economic prosperity and national security. In television interviews and stump speeches, Beltway Republicans play whack-a-mole, ignoring the obvious in search of an explanation; that is, DEI and climate activism are utilized to control people rather than to repair any historical injustice or spruce up the planet. From the manipulation of science and elections to speech police and social media censorship to historical amnesia in grade school education to the creation of an economic caste system by way of inflation, taxation, and immigrant invasion, the Biden administration has deliberately inflicted an apostasy upon America. Radical ideologues and true believers ply their trade from every nook and cranny of the Executive Branch. Government actions and policies have transcended the belief that we are drifting towards socialism. It is evident that we are in the grips of it.

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