A cultural analyst is re-emphasizing a call that Christian parents should remove their children from public schools, arguing that leftists within the education system are indoctrinating children with a corrupt ideology.

It’s been more than three decades since Christian author and psychologist Dr. James Dobson issued a warning to parents to pull their children from America’s public schools and opt to either homeschool or enroll those children in Christian schools. Dobson, the founder of two pro-family ministries – Focus on the Family and Family Talk – reiterated that call four years ago, maintaining that youngsters in public education were being “propagandized and given a philosophy that, in many cases, is contrary to Scripture and what we believe.”

Things in public schools haven’t improved since – and some would argue it’s even gotten worse. In an interview with One News Now, Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute states K-12 students today are continuously subjected to poisonous rhetoric about race and positive images of homosexuality. Such propaganda, she contends, is designed to destroy the nuclear family and traditional society.

“I’m warning parents: if you keep your kids in school right now, when schools are teaching this stuff, you are putting at grave risk your children’s psychological, mental, emotional and physical health,” she shares.

The family advocate is aware of the financial and logistical challenges many parents face in seeking education outside of public schools – but offers at least one solution.

“Every church must step in now,” Higgins urges. “… They either need to create affordable schools that their church members can send their children to – or they need to have a fund available so that parents who can’t afford to homeschool and can’t afford private schools … can access those funds.”

A South Carolina-based Christian ministry known as Exodus Mandate encourages and assists Christian families that desire to leave the American public school system. Ray Moore, founder of Exodus Mandate and a homeschooling pioneer, has argued that indoctrination within the public school system can be blamed for the culture and younger generations turning away from traditional values, from the gospel, and from Christianity.

The website PublicSchoolExit.com also provides resources explaining alternatives for parents and churches to work together to educate the next generation of children.


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