Call it the summer of ’68.

Rioters in the streets.

Communists on the ballot.

Radical leftists threaten to kidnap, rape and torture political enemies. Even the children of political enemies.

The only thing we are missing these days are political assassinations. So far, these lunatics have mostly stuck to executing police officers.

Of course they sure tried to assassinate dozens of Republican congressmen last summer. Luckily, that plot was thwarted but not before the ardent supporter of socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders shot Rep. Steve Scalise, a Capitol Police officer and two others.

The would-be assassin, unfortunately, could only be killed once by the brave cops who halted the deranged socialist.

If there is anything funny about all this lunacy — and there is very little funny about it — it is how moronically stupid these people are.

The so-called “Antifa” anarchist group sparked riots over the weekend in Oregon to protest some patriotic prayer group.

Violently protesting a patriotic prayer group is kind of funny on the face of it because, really, what is more threatening than a prayer group. Imagine what kind of tough guy gets all worked up about a patriotic prayer group. But that’s not what is so hilarious.

What is hilarious is that these illiterate goons call themselves “Antifa,” short for the words “anti” and “fascist.”

Because what says “anti-fascist” more than going out of your way to club gathered members of a patriotic prayer group minding their own business? What says “anti-fascist” more than refusing to serve somebody in your dirty little restaurant — all because that person holds a different political viewpoint?

Nothing says “anti-fascist” more than a truly “low-IQ” congresswoman summoning the “Antifa” rioters to hunt down political opponents and hound them and their families out of any and all public spaces.

Nothing says “anti-fascist” like threatening to kidnap the child of a political opponent to torture and molest that child.

Maybe they call themselves “anti-fascist” because they think the Nazis were too well-behaved.

After all, these people are utterly illiterate when it comes to history. These are the same people who think that the fine men and women who protect America’s borders are the actual “Nazis” here.

Literally, it is a waste of brain cells even to entertain their dull and dishonest nonsense. But it is also little wonder how these people got so far off track.

For eight years, these people looked up to a political apparatus — yes that one of “hope” and “change” — and saw celebrations of unconstitutional lawlessness.

They saw cops demeaned and the impossible job they have belittled.

No institution or event was too sacred to weaponize into the partisan fight.

Their motto is: “When they go low, go lower.”

There is good news. In the summer of 1968, sober-minded American voters saw the daily drumbeat of the “Antifa” fascists on television. Voters did not freak out and riot back in the streets. They did not arm up and shoot back.

No, they just showed up at the voting booth in November. And delivered one of the most stunning rebukes to the “Antifa” fascist crowd in U.S. history.

So, “Antifa,” please, keep the riots going. And definitely keep up your calls to abolish ICE. That is a real winner.

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