Ladies, please, enough already.

If you really believe Donald Trump is a misogynist, a chauvinistic swine, a throwback to repressive times, then, fine, hit him with everything you’ve got; as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. might have put it, let your contempt run down as a mighty stream.

But if this latest hoo-ha over abortion is just a convenient opportunity to pile on, to join the mob that’s been nipping at his heels for months, it’s disingenuous, dishonest, transparent and cheap.

Firing questions as if they flew out of a shotgun, allowing no time for thoughtful consideration, moderator Chris Matthews had him rattled, demanding to know if he felt mothers who underwent abortions ought to be punished.

In that rapid-fire setting Trump blurted “Yes,” and now voters are left to infer one of two things: Either Trump was stupid enough to declare an untenable position, or too temporarily ruffled to place his reply in proper context.

If abortions were illegal, he later explained, then, there ought to be a price to be paid for breaking the law, though he would levy it on the practitioners, not the mothers. But his frenzied exchange with Matthews left no time for contemplation.

It’s called a gotcha moment.

Like the race card, the gender card is the ace up an anarchist’s sleeve.

It’s been this way for a long time.

Back in 1988 the charismatic Gary Hart, a Colorado senator running for president, was forced to withdraw when it became known he had a mistress.

“This is the last time a candidate will be able to treat women as bimbos,” the late Betty Friedan, a giant in the feminist movement, declared.

One can only imagine what Betty’s reaction would have been to Bill Clinton’s philandering or, more recently, photographs of candidates’ wives being used as fodder for politics as they’re practiced in the gutter.

Trump is a lot of things, but stupid isn’t one of them.

This fabricated uproar says a lot more about his besmirchers than it does about him.

Meanwhile, once again discourse over abortion totally disregards the inconvenient truth that what we’re actually talking about is snuffing out the life of an unborn baby.

Of course activists don’t call it a baby; they call it a fetus, and the only value it has to them is to ambush anyone who disagrees.

Trump’s reply, in its fullness, was not wrong.

But he’ll never be right in the eyes of these self-styled suffragettes who see him as the personification of what makes men their mortal enemies.

C’mon, gals: Chill out.


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