Ok, if there is anything that really sets me off, it’s the incredible hypocrisy that comes from the left when dealing with issues of race. We are supposed to be striving as a society to all get along… to purge racism from our daily lives. Yet whether it is racial quotas, preferences, or even the rhetoric that comes from Barack Obama… everything from the left is set up to divide, not unite. Now, liberal groups along with a university have put together the “Unfair to be White” campaign. And yes… it’s for real.

What do you get when you mix the University of Minnesota-Diluth (UMD) with left wing organizations like the NAACP, YWCA, and the League of Women Voters? You get a program called “Unfair to be White,” in which whites are somehow supposed to feel guilt for… being white.

According to the campus web site CampusReform.org, “The project disseminates its message, that “society was setup for us [whites]” and as such is “unfair,” through an aggressive campaign of online videos, billboards, and lectures. The ads feature a number of Caucasians confessing their guilt for the supposed “privilege” that comes along with their fair features.”


CampusReform.org goes on to report:

Documents obtained exclusively by Campus Reform this week, through a public records request, however, show that students on campus have expressed outrage over the administration’s support of the racially-charged campaign.

One student, whose identity was redacted in the documents released by UMD, e-mailed Chancellor Black expressing his discontent, writing that the Un-fair campaign “is in fact UNFAIR.”

The UnfairCampaign.org web site states that its mission is “To raise awareness about white privilege in our community, provide resources for understanding and action, and facilitate dialogue and partnership that result in fundamental, systemic change towards racial justice.”

People of color experience incidents of racism every day, and they have long asked “when will white people in our community stand up and speak out about racism?” This campaign is part of a response to that question. Racial justice will never be achieved until we as white people address white privilege and work to change it.

Work to change it? How? With more programs based strictly on race? Come on! That is EXACTLY why racial strife continues at the level that it does. These groups such as the NAACP and UnfairCampaign have no interest in a color blind society. Their entire existence is based on continued racial conflict.

Want to do something real to address race relations? How about hire on merit? How about getting rid of race-based scholarships? How about having a president of the United States who stays out of cases like Trayvon Martin and who doesn’t make statements like, “I don’t know the facts, but the police acted stupidly,” when referencing white police officers arresting Obama’s black friend.

This is a common sense issue that too often lacks common sense. I’m half white and half hispanic. How am I supposed to feel? I guess half of me should feel guilty, right? I don’t have time for that… the other half is ready to go build a house!

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