The head of a public interest group says with left-leaning groups like the ACLU working hard to stop voter ID and other common sense reforms, there’s definitely a voter fraud crisis in America.

Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, says America suffered a “rule-of-law crisis on election integrity” under the Obama administration.

“It actually has opposed efforts to clean up the rolls and then make sure that your votes are secure,” he states. “They opposed voter ID, they opposed any sensible election reform in states across the nation working with hard leftist groups like the ACLU to stop voter ID and other commonsense reforms.

“The Obama administration even opposed the idea of making sure only citizens are registered to vote,” he adds.

A Judicial Watch investigation found that in many states, upwards of 20 percent of the voting rolls are dirty. “And when you have dirty voting rolls, you have dirty elections,” Fitton continues.

“That means you have dead people on the rolls, or people who have moved away – and obviously the danger is that people can vote in their names and localities won’t know about it because they don’t ask for voter ID.”

Fitton says by examining the numbers resulting from various studies conducted by academia, it stands to reason there could be “hundreds of thousands if not millions” of fraudulent votes by non-citizens.

“I don’t know if it’s three or five million like President Trump has suggested,” he concludes, “but whatever the number is, shouldn’t we want to know about it as a nation?”

On Thursday (February 16 @ noon Eastern), Judicial Watch will host (in-studio, live) a special educational panel to discuss “The Voter Fraud Crisis.” Fitton will moderate a panel of experts who will address the ongoing debate about voter fraud and election integrity. The broadcast will also livestream on the Judicial Watch Facebook page.


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