Somebody’s got to tell the dreadful truth: LGBTQ radicals and their allies want to legalize child abuse.

Of course, not all LGBTQ adults seek to victimize children, but their silence makes them complicit.

Children have long been treated like animals in lab experiments by perverted adults.

Remember the crazed “sexologist” Alfred Kinsey? He was the child predator whose documentation of the sexual abuse of children, mostly boys, was used to further the homosexual agenda in the 1940s and 50s. Literally thousands of children, including babies, were sexually abused for hours by Kinsey in order to see if they would reach orgasm.

Instead of being locked up as a child abuser, Kinsey was held up by “free love” activists as a hero. You can learn more about how this child predator spawned the growing movement to legalize child abuse at

Today, the psychological abuse of children is becoming commonplace in the classroom. Graphic sex ed and even story time focus on sexual identity and activity.

Instead of books about trucks or fairy tales, teachers and “drag queens” read about vulvas, clitorises and penises, confusing otherwise happy and carefree children about their identities and introducing heavy subjects that kindergartners shouldn’t have to worry about.

One of the most popular books, “I Am Jazz,” is based on the real-life account of a toddler boy who insisted that he was really a girl. The book description says: “From the time she was two years old, Jazz knew that she had a girl’s brain in a boy’s body.”

You know a culture is in serious trouble when adults believe that 2-year-olds have the ability to make such life-altering decisions.

As if the psychological abuse in schools and the media propaganda weren’t enough, the courts also are being used to bludgeon parents who seek to protect their children: A Texas jury recently decided that the mother of a 7-year-old boy can abuse her son by forcing him to take drugs that will medically castrate him. Does this mean she also will have the “right” to cut off his penis when she feels like it?

Court testimony reveals that the mother dresses him like a girl, insists he call himself a girl, and has terrorized the child by locking him in his room and shouting through the door that monsters eat only boys. Yet a jury granted the mother full custody. The real question is: Why isn’t this woman in jail?

Nightmare accounts of adults manipulating children and physically abusing them with drugs to halt their sexual development are popping up across the nation. In Ohio, parents lost custody of their daughter when they refused to administer hormones so she could “transition” to a boy.

The American Principles Project ( reveals how homosexual activists lecture at medical conferences in an attempt to promote their radical agenda through family doctors throughout the country.

Thankfully, parents in both political parties are starting to fight back. Protecting children isn’t a Democratic or Republican issue, it’s a human rights issue.

The American Principles Project and other nonpartisan groups are now calling for legislation to protect children from the child abuse of gender reassignment.

Perhaps one of the most powerful voices for protecting children and helping adults who suffer from gender dysphoria is Walt Heyer of Mr. Heyer was abused as a child, and regrets the “transition” that he was cajoled into.

“So many people who change genders realize later that abuse in their lives contributed to their gender distress feelings,” he says. “Changing genders is not the proper treatment for overcoming childhood trauma or abuse. Find someone who will address the underlying source of your distress without prescribing hormones or surgery. Avoid those who are ‘transgender cheerleaders’ and advocate for transition.”

As our culture increasingly subjects innocent children to the twisted ideology of damaged adults desperate to validate their own disorders, America is quickly becoming a nation that promotes and propagates rampant child abuse.

Adults who suffered abuse as children need help and healing. We do them a grave disservice when we don’t love them enough to encourage them to seek counseling to overcome their pain. Allowing them to propagate their pain by harming children is just plain evil.

God calls us to stand up for the hurting and the powerless, especially children — even though we will be persecuted. May He give us the courage to fight and the wisdom to speak the truth in love.

⦁ Rebecca Hagelin can be reached at [email protected].

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