A staunch supporter of the rights of immigrants – and a married father of five – was killed last week when an illegal immigrant from El Salvador facing deportation crashed into his motorcycle in Colorado.

Sean Buchanan

Sean Buchanan, 45, was driving northbound on Highway 83 on August 2 when Colorado State Patrol say a southbound truck operated by Miguel Ramirez Valiente went off the side of the road, then over-corrected into the wrong lane and crashed into Buchanan’s bike, killing him.

Valiente, an undocumented immigrant who was slated for deportation eight months earlier, was charged with misdemeanor careless driving with a revoked license in the deadly accident.

In an ironic twist, Buchanan was known among friends as a passionate advocate for all immigrants.

This is an excerpt from the Daily Mail.

Suspect in crash that killed father of five was facing deportation, driving without license

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Eight months after he sought sanctuary from a Colorado Springs church to avoid deportation, Miguel Ramirez Valiente stands accused of careless driving with a revoked license in a crash that claimed the life of a father of five.

Now, those who know Ramirez Valiente say he never should have been driving.

“This family deserves to know who they’re dealing with,” said a close acquaintance of Ramirez Valiente. “He’s an alcoholic and an abuser.”

His arrest record shows charges for reckless endangerment in 2011 in Douglas County and domestic violence in 2016 in El Paso County, but CBI records show both cases were dismissed by the District Attorneys Offices.

In 2018, he plead guilty to a 2017 charge of driving under the influence and his license was revoked, according to court records and Colorado State Patrol.

On Aug. 1, one day before the deadly crash, his probation for that DUI was extended because he had not completed alcohol therapy and community service.

He was driving without a license when troopers said he over-corrected and swerved into Buchanan’s lane on Aug. 2.

The other driver, Miguel Ramirez Valiente, received national media attention in January while seeking sanctuary at a Colorado Springs Church. (story below)

This is an excerpt from Denver Channel 7.

CNN: He says the shutdown forced him to seek sanctuary

Miguel Ramirez Valiente is facing a deportation order — but his lawyer says right now he has no way to fight it.

“I’ve been fighting my case for eight years,” he said. “I never missed a court date.

So Ramirez Valiente stood at the pulpit at All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on Wednesday and told reporters he was seeking sanctuary to fight for the chance to remain with his wife and three children.

Valiente’s wife: ‘My three children and I are terrified’

This is an excerpt from a CNN story, January 2019.

GOPUSA Editor’s note: And now another wife, a US citizen married to a citizen, is left to support 5 children because Democrats refuse to enforce laws and a political church helped a known criminal alien break and evade US law. When does this stop?

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