Socialists are coming for your school age children — and that’s no hyperbole.

In a post on its website, the Democratic Socialists of America writes, “Why Socialists Should Become Teachers.”

And from there, the DSA of West Virginia explains how the success of a socialists’-led teachers’ strike in that state in 2018 that brought them a 5% pay raise could segue into long-term reform within America’s public schools.

Without understating, this seems a danger to America.

It’s an attempt to crumble the country from within, by instilling the youth with anti-American viewpoints.

In another decade, that would be called seditious.


Nowadays, it’s called freedom of speech.

But let’s be clear: What the DSA is advocating is a strategic infiltration of America’s public school systems to bring about socialist policy — and ultimately, teach socialist policy to the nation’s most vulnerable, the children.

“The West Virginia strike didn’t happen by chance,” wrote. “It was the result of creative shop floor organizing by teachers with socialist policies. These teachers introduced a fundamentally different vision of their state than what was on offer from either elected officials or union leaders. And they were able to do this because they had organic connections to their co-workers.”

They were inside, and they used their inside access to spread their socialist messages.

They openly acknowledge that — and openly advocate for more of the same.

“[The DSA] argues that socialists should take jobs as teachers (and other school-based workers) for the political, economic, and social potential the industry holds,” the DSA website states.

This is horrifying.

America’s children are being targeted by forces who stand in utter opposition to all this country represents, to all upon which this government was founded.

The risk is real.

The fate of our country hangs in the balance.

The minds of our nation’s children are in jeopardy.

“There is a growing network of educators in DSA working to transform our schools, our unions and our society,” DSA wrote.

And they have no intention of slowing or going.

If conservatives, patriots, Christians, traditionalists, constitutionalists and others with love for the America that’s supposed to be — the limited government one envisioned by our framers — don’t get going and run for School Board, or seek out more teaching positions themselves, it won’t be long before socialism’s roots are unable to be dug.

It won’t be long before socialist teachers train socialist students how to lead in a socialist America and the democratic-republic, the whole Great Experiment Called Free America, becomes just a thing of study for the history books.

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