One of the thrills (and not one running down my leg) of Election Day was to listen to the liberal “journalists” try to sit through the Republican wave that we were all witnessing. Ever since Barack Obama was elected, the left wing media have been accomplices to his agenda — an agenda that was soundly rejected by the American people. But rather than accept that fact, they sit in stupor and wonder, “How can this happen?” They were all given a basket of lemons on Election Day, but rather than make lemonade, they simply put on their best sour face. Priceless.

First there is this gem from MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. As usual, when she talks about the Republicans, she only talks about them “blocking Obama’s agenda.” It’s never that the American people don’t like where Obama was taking the country.

Funny… if the strategy was to “block policy accomplishments” and that strategy “paid off big time,” isn’t that a clue that Americans didn’t really want those policy “accomplishments”? Just a thought.

Then, Andrea Mitchell tries to explain that cutting taxes and cutting spending are “totally conflicting.”

Any luck with that one? I’m still trying to figure out the “conflict.”

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz even went as far as to say that the new Republican House might try to impeach Obama. Now I know there are some out there that are yelling, “Go for it!” but the fact is that this “journalist” is covering everything except the facts.

Or how about this one… MSNBC tries to make a “story” about concession speeches. Implying that Republicans are sore losers.

How many thousands of candidates gave concession speeches on Tuesday night? Out of all of those speeches, they pull three Republicans. What? No Democrats? Give me a break.

Chris Matthews shows that it’s more than ok to be a far left radical, but if you believe in conservative values, then you are some kind of “idiot.”

Just look at the candidates who won like Marco Rubio, Dan Coats, Ron Johnson, and on and on. Believing that Obama’s policies are right inline with a far left agenda does not make one an “idiot.” Similarly, believing in smaller government, lower taxes, and less spending does not make one a radical.

And then there’s MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann. Can someone tell me what he is saying here?

So there you have it. It’s just a sampling of what was said on Election Day and the days following. I’m sure you can find plenty of other quotes from the looney left as they try to analyze what happened on Tuesday. What you won’t hear is any acknowledgment that the Obama agenda is wrong — It’s just those pesky American people. They keep finding a way to block real change.

Thank goodness!

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