The protests continue at Wisconsin’s state capitol as union organizers and liberal activists demonstrate that tolerance, decency, good manners, and civility are traits that only apply when they are convenient. If a conservative has an opposing view, the person is not being tolerant. If a liberal has an opposing view, then there is no limit to what he or she can say. Just look at what’s happening now…

As noted in an Associated Press story on GOPUSA, the protests over a bill that would end collective bargaining power for public workers.

Demonstrators began camping out inside the normally immaculate Capitol two weeks ago in an effort to fight legislation proposed by Wisconsin’s new Republican governor, Scott Walker, that would strip most of the state’s public employees of the right to collectively bargain.

Labor leaders and Democratic lawmakers say the bill is intended to undermine the unions and weaken a key base of Democratic Party voters.

Walker argues the Republican-backed measure would help close a projected $3.6 billion deficit in the 2011-13 budget, and that freeing local governments from having to collectively bargain with public employee unions would give them the flexibility needed to deal with forthcoming budget cuts.

The real problem in all this is that, once again, a double standard of behavior and rhetoric is presenting itself. It seems that liberals insist that conservatives be civil, while those same liberals will say and do just about anything to get their point across. At these rallies and protests, Republican Gov. Scott Walker has been compared to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak.

Remember how the media and Democrats were jumping up and down and blaming “conservative vitriol” for mass shooting perpetrated by Jared Loughner? Speeches were made saying that Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and others were shot because Loughner was pushed to the edge by the Tea Party and “evil” rhetoric.

Or how about the accusations of Tea Party activists using racial slurs directed at Democrat Rep. John Lewis during a rally. No evidence of such actions was EVER produced, yet the accusation was all that the liberals were really looking for.

Fox News reports that the Hitler signs and “violent rhetoric” have yet to be denounced by union leaders.

Appearing Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka was twice asked whether he found the tone at the nearly two-week long demonstrations “wrong” or “inappropriate.”

Trumka did not answer, instead saying, “We should be sitting down trying to create jobs. … In Wisconsin, a vast majority of the people think this governor has overreached. His popularity has gone down. They’re saying to him, sit down and negotiate; don’t do what you’ve been doing. So he’s losing.”

On the same panel, while first saying the rhetoric of the protestors was “inappropriate” and “should be condemned,” Democrat Rep. Emanuel Cleaver suggested that Wisconsin Gov. Walker “was leading more like Libyan dictator Muammar al-Qaddafi than an elected official.”

Just check out this video showing liberal “tolerance” on display:

Here’s a good one with a protestor showing off his extensive vocabulary:

Or how about this example of a peaceful protestor. Would similar comments by a conservative yield a different result?

Yes, we’ve all seen this double standard before, but it is NOT something we should simply get used to. It must be pointed out over and over and over again. People must see that media and left wing zealots play by a different set of rules. The proof is right there in words, pictures, and actions.

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