So now they demand to know how Donald Trump is going to pay for the wall.

I’ll tell you how — with a new tax on wire transfers out of the country. A remittance tax on Western Union money flowing by the billions south of the border.

And the bite should be steep, onerous, confiscatory, punitive, whatever word you want to use to describe a tax that’s way too high. Amigos, the free lunch is over.

The moonbats are always demanding a new tax — excuse me, “revenue source.” Let’s give it to them. They’re all excited about the EU demanding that Ireland slap a $14.5 billion bill on Apple. And Apple actually produces products that improve their lives.

If any liberals tell Trump he has no business imposing a new tax, he can tell them it’s “for the children.” Or maybe it’ll go down a little easier if he tells them it’s “por los ninos.”

But how typical was it that they’d jump down his throat almost before his press conference was over in Mexico City?

First, he takes questions, which Hillary would never, ever do. Then, when they ask him about paying for the wall, he tells them that he and el presidente didn’t discuss it.

Didn’t discuss it, they instantly harrumphed. Gotcha! Why, you wimp! Of course, if Trump had said he did raise the issue with President What’s-His-Name, that too would have been a Gotcha moment.

How dare he raise issues of state, beyond the borders even, when he hasn’t even been elected to anything yet?

So there was no way for him to win with the mainstream media, there never is. Gov. Paul LePage has figured it out. That’s why when he was asked yesterday how he plans to change his life, he told reporters his first resolution would be never to speak with them again after this one final press conference.

But this whole idea of a remittance tax to build the wall — if the liberals were at all consistent, they’d applaud the very idea of a brand new tax. After all, these illegal moochers really aren’t paying their “fair share,” are they?

Here’s another thing Trump can guarantee Democrats — the tax on remittances will be “sunsetted.” That’s another of their favorite mythological concepts, sunsetting, you know, doing away with the tax after the purpose it was levied to pay for has been accomplished.

Like the tolls on Mass Pike. Once the original bonds were paid off, the toll booths came down — in 1988. Remember?

In this case, the remittance tax would end the moment the last illegal alien had vamoosed from the U.S., or at least from the welfare rolls.

I just hope when Trump finally constructs the wall he uses the same contractors who built the Mass Pike tolls. That would guarantee his wall will last longer than the Great Wall of China, or the Roman aqueducts, because gantries or no gantries, we all know those toll booths are never, ever going away.

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