Attorney General William Barr, in an interview with Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the archbishop of New York, said religious freedom is key to keeping America free and that founders knew this and that’s why they emphasized the importance of a virtuous, moral people.

Bam. That’s exactly what makes America America — individual rights, from God, kept intact by citizens with the proper moral compass to govern themselves.

Or, as Barr said: “Religion really was viewed by the founders at the core of our country, that it was essential to maintaining a free country. The reason they felt they could grant so much freedom in the Constitution and only provide for limited government was because they felt that religion was there and the people were religious people who could largely govern themselves,” he said, according to emailed excerpts of his SiriusXM show “Conversations with Cardinal Dolan” on The Catholic Channel 129.

That’s why Democrats are always so gung-ho to create chaos in the culture and in the political world: it gives them an “in” to control.

It gives them an excuse to insert Big Government as the solution for what ails.

That’s also why Democrats are the party of No God, Less God, No Need For God. The more irrelevant they can make God, the bigger the wedge they have for Big Government.

Because nothing creates an uncertain, swirling, turmoil-infested society like secularism, right?

“[A]ll the founders,” Barr went on, “observed the centrality of religion, to the health of American democracy.”

And note to far leftists, memo to radical atheists: That’s not saying founders wanted an established religion in America.

That’s simply saying framers knew the people had to take their moral guidance from a higher power — and had to believe that accountability for personal actions would ultimately be made to a higher power — else human hearts, human imaginations, human designs would soon enough lead the country astray.

And that’s exactly what’s happening in America right now — the growing secularized culture is leading a growing corrupt political class down a path of national downfall.

It’s a cycle that’s crumbling our country from within.

“I feel today religion is being driven out of the marketplace of ideas,” Barr said, “and there’s an organized, militant secular effort to drive religion out of our lives.”

Quite right.

It’s time for a national uprising of biblically centered folk.

No — that’s not a call for forced conversions.

As Barr aptly put it: “To me, the problem today is not that religious people are trying to impose their views on non-religious people. It’s the opposite. It’s that militant secularists are trying to impose their values on religious people and they’re not accommodating the freedom of religion of people of faith.”


So it’s high time people of faith get a little bit louder, a little bit more active, a little bit more aggressive with pointing this country down the path it should take. It’s time for a re-orienting of our national compass. Or, as the Christians might say: Time to get back to God.

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