We have all heard the truism that history repeats itself. But it doesn’t necessarily do so with exact precision. Last week’s event at the U.S. Capitol is proof. For some on the right, it was going to be a repeat of the Boston Tea Party. But for leftists who had infiltrated the Pro-Trump rally, the goal was to turn it into a “Burning the Reichstag” moment, to be blamed on Conservatives just as thoroughly as the Brown Shirts blamed their political enemies back in 1933. Predictably, since so much of the modern psyche is defined by what is presented on those 24 hour Fake News channels, the leftist version overshadows the truth. Joseph Goebbels would be proud.

Never mind that in 2011, when leftist protesters stormed and occupied the Wisconsin Capitol (not for hours, but for weeks), Democrat politicians and their media parakeets deemed it “democracy in action.” And throughout all of last summer, leftist anarchists terrorized several major cities, with not a single word of criticism from the Fake News/Democrat propagandists. Changing situations require changing political postures, and the total shamelessness of leftist hypocrisy leaves plenty of room for that. The new narrative is that last week’s event exceeds any crime against nature and humanity in history, and must be condemned relentlessly for as long as the leftist Democrats can make political hay out of it.

Clearly, those squalling the loudest against the episode are not the least bit unhappy that it occurred. As was the case in Germany, the goal of leftists was to create an incident over which they could grandstand as great statesmen, brazenly orating about the Constitution and the rule of law, while the evil Republicans grovel at their feet in shame and supplication.

This cowardly avalanche of GOP contrition only increases the feeding frenzy from the left, causing a chain reaction, as more conservatives seek to be counted among the righteous by back-stabbing any who disagree. Ultimately, if the leftist scam succeeds, it will be President Trump versus all the “decent/honorable and law-abiding” leftists in America, with no conservatives to be found anywhere.

It is abhorrent that their plan is working. And it is far from over. Once a sufficient number of conservative invertebrates in public life ceded their morality to sewage of the left, Democrats simply moved the goal posts. Now it is no longer sufficient to merely decry the invasion of the Capitol. To be properly contrite, one must renounce any suggestion that the election might have been stolen. Henceforth, we are not allowed to discuss what we all saw happen last November. Doing so is deemed to be “inciting violence.”

Given the amazing effectiveness of the January 6 Reichstag burning reenactment, it was inevitable that a Digital Kristallnacht would take place soon in its wake, mimicking the 1938 horror in which Nazi Brownshirts terrorized Jews and any other opposition they encountered. So since everyone “agrees” that Trump supporters committed heinous mayhem and carnage at the Capitol, it is only right that every public figure and big-tech corporate power now has total license to discriminate against any conservative organization attempting to speak truth to America.

Pay no attention to those antifa punks who were actually breaking the glass and vandalizing. Understand that the leftist Democrat media big-tech axis isn’t responding to the actualities of the Wednesday event, but to the faux mantle of unassailable “legitimacy” they have managed to create for themselves with all of their phony sanctimony and grandstanding. They have been wanting to oppress, intimidate, and silence conservatives for a long time. Now they think they have a good excuse. And they can engage in their flagrant despotic aggressions while basking in the “validation” offered them by so many contrite conservatives.

This mob insanity will only continue to feed on itself. Mozilla CEO Winifred Mitchell Baker says not just President Trump, but all conservative voices need to be silenced, citing the monotonously predictable leftist accusations of “fomenting hate” and “white supremacy.” No hypocrisy there, to be sure! And don’t expect anyone on either side of the aisle to call out such venom for its propensity to stoke violence against conservatives. Leftists are fine with real attacks on innocent people if it advances the agenda. And conservatives now know they are only allowed to complain when leftists give them permission to do so.

Nowhere is such perverse thinking more widespread and more pernicious than among the RINO traitors inside the Beltway. But their relegation to permanent subservience is no problem, as long as they get a place at the table. This is why all that Republican and conservative talk of “moving forward” in the aftermath of the election theft was so futile and so frustrating. It was never going to happen. The current toxic political scene was always the fate facing Republicans, the instant leftist Democrats seized control.

It is disturbing to realize that the GOP “Establishment” likes being on the defensive and in the minority. It gives them the best of all reasons to always claim to their voting base that they’re the opposition party, while never having to accomplish anything. The vastly overblown events at the Capitol merely provided a very convenient alibi, which the faux “right” was willing and eager to validate. Had January 6 been totally peaceful, the Democrats would have found some other excuse to justify their rampage.

Going forward, it is our singular moral responsibility to forget the vast election fraud, and relentlessly apologize for the January 6 mayhem. In essence, since Republicans ever dared to protest, Democrats are now justified in cheating and stealing elections. The Democrats and the media say so, and the Republican “Establishment” agrees. If this stands, it is the end of representative government in America.

Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for years. His recently released book Rules for Defeating Radicals, subtitled Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture, is the “Go To” guide for effectively overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

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