The moment United Airlines Flight 175 hit the second World Trade Center tower on September 11, 2001, every conscious American knew two things beyond any shadow of a doubt. First, our Nation was under attack. But we also knew that the attackers were of Middle-Eastern origin. This was not the result of any ethnic bias or other “prejudice.” Rather, it was the voice of experience, reminding us of the ideological cauldron from which all previous airline highjackings and other terror attacks of recent decades had originated.

An identical awareness followed Monday’s news reports of the horror at Waukesha Wisconsin, in which a vehicle rampaged through a crowd that had gathered for a Christmas parade. At this writing, more than forty people are injured, with five reported to have been killed. No one needed to wait for the details of the monster who committed the act, or his motivation. Everybody who has been watching the events of the past few weeks, along with the sixteen months prior, could have written an extremely accurate account with no previous access to the specifics.

Here again, this is not any byproduct of prejudice on the part of Americans. It is a recognition of the lies and venom being spewed these days from every leftist venue with a “voice.” The propaganda has taken its toll on the minds of those who’s souls are already sufficiently crippled and devoid of reason that they are able to fall for it. The polluting of American minds has been going on for a long time, so the stage was set.

However, it was upon Rittenhouse’s rightful acquittal that the ever vile leftist political/media axis went into overdrive, seeking revenge on those who dare defend themselves against the left, fanning every flame of resentment and hatred towards Americans in general. From the leftist White House Cabal to government school “teachers” to the Fake News crowd, every leftist with a presumed axe to grind was decrying Rittenhouse on racial terms. And this, despite the fact that all three individuals shot by Rittenhouse in self-defense as they attacked him were as white has he is.

Their distinction from him was that they were convicted felons who engaged in rioting, marauding, and assaults as part of the leftist onslaught against America, while Rittenhouse was an upstanding citizen, attempting to do his part to protect the innocent from them. And that makes him the worst kind of enemy to the leftist cancer that is overtaking America. His acquittal predictably caused the leftist mob to shriek its indignation with an even more maniacal rage.

So Darrell Brooks, the unspeakable dreg who committed the Waukesha massacre, happens to be black. Given the events of the past few years, his ethnicity was hardly a prerequisite. Plenty of antifa leftists are sufficiently depraved and willing to commit similar acts against innocent human beings, claiming their actions to be anti-white “justice,” while being lily white themselves. Racial venom, pumped in to the minds of millennials under the banners of “The 1619 Project” and “Critical Race Theory,” is of such a pernicious nature that all participants of any ethnicity are able to equally absorb it and allow it to morph into mindless animosity towards every worthwhile precept of the American ideal.

More disturbing still is that Brooks and his kind could actually commit such atrocities while being totally convinced of the “righteousness” of their despicable actions. Among the dead in Waukesha are several members of a locally beloved group known as the “Dancing Grannies,” who were performing in the parade. Brooks was actually able to target them and mow them down with his vehicle, under his thoroughly twisted presumption of valor.

A fundamental driving element of the leftist agenda is the claim of “virtue” in all that they do which, when combined with their blinding arrogance (recall all those “self-esteem” courses taught in government schools beginning in the 1990s), renders them wholly capable of unfettered evil, while presuming themselves to be “noble” soldiers of a worthy cause. The chaos and horrors in major Democrat jurisdictions during recent years stand as dreadful testaments to the effectiveness of such pernicious indoctrination.

The attacks and threats against Kyle Rittenhouse as the worst of murdering brutes were made by every leftist with a voice, going all the way up to the interloper in the White House and his noxious “second in command.” Yet their malignancy is eclipsed by the hypocrisy now on display as these same leftists make every possible excuse for Brooks. In so doing, they prove themselves to be just as vile in their darkened hearts and souls.

Not many years back, leftists were able to make successful inroads against reason and honest discourse with their establishment of “hate crimes” legislation. While the stated goal was to stop the “hate” that spawns violence and abuse, it quickly became apparent that from the start, leftists intended to establish themselves and their sick ideology as the only arbiters of what could be defined as “hate.” From that time forward, they have been steadily tightening their grip on free speech, to the current juncture, where they alone are free to spew the most abominable and truly hateful bile whenever they want, with no repercussions. Yet merely disputing their allegations and condemnation is itself deemed a “crime.”

So the driving question for Americans is how we can effectively deal with such an enemy. Given the scope of institutional moral depravity that has swept the country, the task seems overwhelming. But while it is an enormous undertaking, the initial steps are as doable as they are critically necessary. They involve boldly and unabashedly speaking truth to the lunacy of the leftist counterculture.

For starters, honest Americans need to start calling out the real hate, wherever it manifests itself, which is wholly on the left. Americans must not soft sell the moral degeneracy of both the perpetrators of such appalling crimes, as well as every public official and media mouthpiece who attempts to defend them. And the guilty must all be severely dealt with as the criminal element they are. This applies to perpetrators of violence, as well as the criminals who inflame and incite with their words.

The enemy has revealed itself. It must be regarded as such, and responded to as such, wherever it exists. Not every mindless angry minion of the left will resort to murder, but more and more of them can be expected to do so as time goes on, particularly in the absence of the severe repercussions warranted by their actions. As with all of the horrific circumstances facing America in recent years (and with no end in sight), our only choices are to muster sufficient resolve to put and end to it, or to accept it all as the “new normal.”

Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for years. His recently released book Rules for Defeating Radicals, subtitled Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture, is the “Go To” guide for effectively overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

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