This whole issue with the General Services Administration (GSA) and their taxpayer-funded boondoggles has gotten completely out of hand. Not only have they wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on a SINGLE event, but now it’s been learned that GSA officials actually went out of their way to cheat taxpayers. It turns out that in order to get food provided at a GSA event all the organizers have to do is make it an “awards ceremony.” So they did!

As reported by Fox News: “Inspector General Brian Miller, who blew the whistle on agency spending with a report on its $820,000 conference in Las Vegas, explained how leaders with the western region of GSA got around the administration’s rule of not having food at conferences. The work-around was simple — just hold an awards ceremony, and food would be provided at taxpayer expense.”

At the heart of this disaster is GSA’s Region 9 commissioner Jeff Neely pictured in this posting living it up on one of the GSA trips.

The Region 9 commissioner Miller referred to in his testimony Tuesday before a House transportation subcommittee is Jeffrey Neely. That official did not attend Tuesday’s hearing, after having invoked his right not to answer questions at a congressional hearing a day earlier.

Officials continued to scrutinize Neely’s actions on Capitol Hill Tuesday.

Miller at one point said Neely “put people down.” He said one witness said that when one worker tried to raise objections about activities at the agency, “he squashed her like a bug.”

Are you following all this? The nation is in massive debt. Obama’s administration has added more debt than all previous administrations combined. We have an attitude by many government officials that the money they are spending is THEIR money. It’s not. It’s OUR money! This outrageous disregard for the taxpayer is part of the reason we are in this mess.

Neely should not only be fired, but he and others like him should be presented with the bill… payable to the taxpayers of the United States of America. Working for the government should not be an open ticket to “live it up” on the taxpayer’s dime.

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