There appear to be a few GOP lawmakers left in Washington, D.C. who are fighting back after their Democrat colleagues praised and defended rioters and looters during the summer of 2020 only to impeach President Trump for “incitement” of the Jan. 6 mob that descended on the Capitol building.

According to the articles of impeachment, Trump was accused of “incitement” of the mob that “unlawfully breached and vandalized the Capitol, injured and killed law enforcement personnel, menaced Members of Congress, the Vice President, and Congressional personnel, and engaged in other violent, deadly, destructive and seditious acts.”

That document was hurriedly drawn up, however, by Democratic lawmakers who failed to hold hearings on impeachment but were determined to hurt the departing president after they supported the anti-Trump “Resistance” movement that was praised for  “organizing its outrage” and offering a “ray of hope” in dark political times after Trump was elected.

In 2018, with Brett Kavanugh set to become a U.S. Supreme Court justice just days later, hundreds of protesters took over the Senate Hart Building to protest.

“The hypocrisy is just downright disorienting,” Rep. Matt Gaetz said during a fiery floor speech Wednesday that concluded with Democrat lawmakers literally screaming at him.

That “disorienting” hypocrisy is like a bad case of whiplash, too, which Rep. Louis Gohmert pointed out (see video below) in his own Wednesday floor speech.

“I just don’t even know why there aren’t more uprisings all over the country,” the Texas lawmaker, known for his fiery speeches, said during his floor speech. “And maybe there will be.”

After witnessing Trump supporters descend on the very floor where Gohmert was speaking, Democrats who failed to listen closely reacted with anger and disbelief at Gohmert’s speech. It turns out, however, he was quoting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and said so, in an effort to point out her hypocrisy over the public angrily taking to the streets.

Dem-helping Politifact vs. Dem-warning CNN

In a timely Jan. 7 article, fact-checking website Politifact attempted to rescue Democrats from claims they have excused riots and violence after Pelosi’s “uprising” quote and three others were being spread on social media with unflattering images of politicians and burning buildings.

Politifact ruled the claims of defending riots and rioters “mostly false” despite, for example, Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) calling for “unrest in the streets as long as there’s unrest in our lives” in an MSNBC interview.

There is “no indication Pressley meant anything other than peaceful protest,” Politifact helpfully explained, and the story notes that Pressley later claimed she was the victim of right-wing backlash that included death threats and violent phone calls.

Regarding the quote from Pelosi, Politifact points out it dates back to 2018 when the Democrat leader, speaking at her weekly press conference, condemned the Trump administration for separating migrant children from their parents after they illegally cross into the U.S. seeking asylum.

It is true that prominent Democrats including President-Elect Joe Biden have denounced violence during protests but “The Five” co-host Greg Gutfeld pointed out last summer that Democrats were changing their tune after poll numbers showed the public was no longer supporting street protests.

In a segment viewed two million views on You Tube, Gutfeld aired a July segment from CNN in which Trump haters Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo mocked right-wing claims that Democrat-led cities were being burned, and crime was on the rise at the same time the Left wanted to defund police.

“That did not age well,” Gutfeld pointed out. “Now that the violence is out of control and taking lives, the mockers changed their tune.”

“I think this is a blind spot for Democrats,” Lemon, citing poll numbers, was warning just weeks later. “I think Democrats are ignoring this problem, or hoping it’s going to go away, and it’s not going to go away.”

Gaetz draws boos from Dems

Back on the House floor, Rep. Gaetz told fellow lawmakers that Trump’s fiery speech last week also called for “peaceful” protest on the Capitol grounds but he has been labeled a “national security threat” by Democrats determined to impeach him.

The lawmaker then reminded Democrat lawmakers that Rep. Pressley and Rep. Maxine Waters have openly called for violence, and he pointed out that Speaker Pelosi ripped up President Trump’s state of the union speech that caused more anger and division in the country.

Regarding the Capitol Hill violence, the GOP lawmaker said Democrats were accusing President Trump of lighting a flame that caused violence in and around the Capitol building.

“Well,” he said of Democrat lawmakers, “they lit actual flames. Actual fires.”

The congressman’s fiery words were nearly drowned out by shouting Democrats and their hissing and booing.

Elsewhere during the GOP floor speeches, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) warned Democrats about their reaction to the Trump-supporting mob, such as demanding that Vice President Mike Pence forcibly remove President Trump.

“I’ve been here 14 years. I’ve never seen anything like this,” he warned. “And I do not know where this ends. I do not know where it ends.  But it is dangerous where they’re taking us.”

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