A conservative activist in Michigan believes Republicans have a good chance of sending the incumbent governor, Democrat Gretchen Whitmer, to the unemployment line.

Businesswoman and political newcomer Tudor Dixon, who was endorsed by former President Donald Trump, scored a decisive win in Tuesday’s GOP gubernatorial primary over four male opponents. Dixon pledged to fight for families who struggled through COVID-19 lockdowns imposed by Whitmer – whom the Republican candidate describes as “the queen of lockdowns.”

“Frankly Michigan, we deserve better,” Dixon said at a victory party. “Now we have the opportunity to truly hold Gretchen Whitmer accountable for the pain she has inflicted on each and every one of us during the past four years.”

Elaine Donnelly is president of the Michigan-based Center for Military Readiness. In her private capacity as a Michigan voter, she tells AFN she’s very impressed with Dixon.

“I think her chances are very good,” Donnelly offers. “So, if I’m Governor Whitmer I’m being a little nervous today. Her record is dismal [and] has been dismal. I think her record with regard to the shutdowns in Michigan [is] quite appalling. [And] our economy is lagging beyond where it should be.

“We’ve paid the price for her mistakes, and I’m very optimistic with the results of the [primary] race.”

Dixon was also endorsed by the family of former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, and several pro-life groups. The mother of four made education a top issue of her campaign, saying she wants to keep drag queens and talk of sex and gender out of elementary schools.

Donnelly also is pleased that John Gibbs defeated incumbent Republican Peter Meijer in the Michigan 3rd Congressional District Republican primary. Meijer, in one of his first acts in Congress, voted to impeach former President Trump in January 2021. He was one of ten Republicans to do so.

“The problem [with Meijer] is in a number of [his] votes – not just the impeachment and authorizing the January 6 Committee,” says Donnelly. “He was on the wrong side with his votes – and you can only do that so often before the voters start figuring out he was not what they expected when they sent him to Congress.

“So, the message to RINOs out there: Be careful. When you diss your base too many times, you may find yourself in a primary on the losing end.”

Gibbs, a businessman and missionary who served in the Trump administration, will face Democrat Hillary Scholten in November in the Democratic-leaning district.


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